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Winter is here and I wanted to share a few tips on how to use your Babs products to get the best out of them for beautiful healthy skin.

We’re big believers in the goodness of coconut oil! It’s so good for us, inside and out. The one thing about coconut oil is it’s solid in winter and liquid in summer and if you’re in Melbourne at the moment it’s FREEZING! So here’s what to do if you have a cold bathroom like me.

Body oil – this wonderful nourishing and moisturising oil is fantastic all year round! It’s a must have if you’re escaping this winter to chase the sun and is a convenient size of 100mls so can be taken on planes as carry on. With the mercury dropping I’ve noticed for the first time my body oil in our bathroom is a little thick. If the coconut oil solidifies just run the bottle under some warm water to take it back to its original liquid state.

Deodorant Paste – Coconut oil does a lot in Babs Deodorant Paste – with it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. It is a lot firmer in the cooler months so I use the back of my nail/finger to scoop some out and work what I need between my index fingers, this warms up the paste and makes it easier to apply. You could also add a drop of our Face or Body oil to the paste to help with application.
HINT – I apply to damp skin as I find it glides on easily but my husband doesn’t. Have a play and see what works for you.

Detoxifying Body Scrub – Our detox scrub is great as an uplifting body scrub but did you know you can use this as bath salts too? The blend of himalayan, dead sea and epsom salts along with essential oils are high in minerals (magnesium) and is perfect to soothe and relax tired and sore muscles. Coconut and grape seed oil deeply moisturise leaving your skin silky smooth and your muscles revived.

Cold air + hot water + drying air con/heating makes Face Oil my saviour.

Face Oil – I love love love this stuff! Both my husband and I use it day and night! It really is one of our best sellers as those of you who try it love it!! People are surprised about using oil on their skin especially if they have oily skin. Botanical oils help balance the production of oil, are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and is sooo nourishing, hydrating and protecting in this cooler weather.

I add a drop of Babs Face oil into my foundation and blend it. This not only helps application but gives me a hydration boost and leaves me with a gorgeous glowing dewy finish!

Lip balm – this little dude is so versatile! I have one in the car, hand bag, desk, bed side table and in my makeup kit.  Whenever I apply this I always rub a little extra into my hands. It’s a lip balm, a hand and cuticle balm and great for dry skin like heels and elbows.
Body Balm – I don’t often talk about this gem but it’s something I’ve been using more of this winter. It’s a lovely thick balm that is highly nourishing and protective, soothes irritated skin while chamomile, calendula and hemp help heal the skin. I use this on my hands and face at night on top of my Face oil for when my skin is feeling really dry.

If you’ve got any tips or tricks on how YOU USE our products we’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at or let us know via Facebook or Instagram.

Andrea x

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