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Why natural deodorants are better for you AND how they work! 

How it works?
Natural deodorants work by using organic ingredients to eliminate bacteria and neutralise odour without the use of chemicals to block pores.

Most natural deodorants use a blend of organic, botanical, food grade ingredients with antibacterial properties to keep you fresh all day. No harmful toxic ingredients. This reduces your exposure to endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals, carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) and lets your body do what it is designed to do – sweat, without the smell!

This also means you’re doing your part for the environment too. By making the switch to a natural deodorant it not only improves your health (we have customers comment on better health and increased energy too) by reducing your toxin exposure but reduces the amount of synthetic ingredients & chemicals into the environment.  Which means healthier waterways, eco systems & wildlife.  Natural deodorants tend to come in more eco friendly packaging too. Win win.


How it actually works

  • Eliminates & kills bacteria – natural ingredients high in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties (such as coconut oil and essential oils) help to eliminate bacteria which cause you to smell.
  • Neutralises odour – Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium help to neutralise odour and flush out toxins
  • Absorbs wetness – the use of arrowroot, tapioca, clays, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium help to absorbs excess sweat which keeps you dry
  • Moisturises skin – Shea and cacao butters and oils are high in vitamins and essential fatty acids which nourish and repair skin

How to apply

A lot of natural deodorants come in jars.  This can be a foreign concept at first but it’s super easy to use and quick to get used to.

Applying the deodorant is the same as if you are applying a moisturiser.  The paste melts on contact with skin.  By using clean fingers to scoop out the deodorant means less contamination than roll ons and sticks, which takes whatever is on your skin (like bacteria) and rolls it back into the product.  It also doesn’t use wasteful, toxic gases, like aerosols.


How do I use it?

I recommend using the back of your nail to scoop out roughly, a 5 cent piece amount.  Then warm that mixture between your index fingers and apply one half of the mixture to one armpit and the other half to the other armpit. Spread evenly and massage in gently.

Note: Remember that less is more with these deodorants and after a few days your body will adjust and tell you if you need a little more/less.

If I’m sweating won’t I feel wet?

No. For the most part our deodorant uses a blend of botanical powders, clays and minerals to help absorb excess sweat and wetness, which leaves you feeling dry. Mind you on 30+ days in summer you are more than likey to sweat all over but it’ll keep you feeling fresh.

Do I need to re-apply throughout the day? 

Nope.  You shouldn’t need to as our deodorant lasts all day.

(However everyone is different and individuals may feel they need to, especially on 30+ hot days, if you’ve been swimming or exercising or if you’re stressed – you may feel you need to reapply.)

“We are loving our deodorants!!! They are amazing!
And I also haven’t had any rashes which is great! I use mine first thing in the morning before the gym & then once again after showering after the gym & I find that this is plenty!
Would definitely recommend your product as the best natural deodorant I have tried.” – Georgia

Tip – Detox – if you are switching from an antiperspirant you MAY experience a detox period – this is normally about a week, where your pores may be unclogging and releasing years of built up sweat and toxins – if you do experience this – you can reapply the deodorant in the afternoon, shower thoroughly and wear natural fibers.  And push through.  It’s totally worth it!

Haven’t made the switch?  Not sure where to start?

Why not try all three scents with our Natural Deodorant Sample Pack. 

Each scent gives you a weeks worth of deodorant.  Plus they are great for traveling, gym bag or to keep in your handbag.

Want more info?  Check out our 5 stars reviews here Citrus, Tea Tree or our NEW bicarb free Geranium & Clary Sage.

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