“Thank you for being you in this hit and miss industry!!!   Your brand has completely changed my skin and I’m addicted to all your products!!!”
Susan – NSW

“This company has the best customer service ever. Sent an email asking for skincare recommendations and I received a detailed and personalised response based on the information I had provided. I purchased a few products and they included samples in my order for me to try. Their products are also amazing- non toxic, spa vibes, and leaving my skin hydrated and smooth. I have sensitive skin with lots of redness and these products are so gentle. I use Olive Squalane oil, Cleansing oil and the Geranium Mist.  Also – best natural toxic free deodorant out there!”
Paloma – SA

“Everything is fabulous – thank you.  My daughter (23), my son (21) and myself (50) are all using the skincare daily and loving it.  My daughter & I have been really impressed with your products since our very first order. I asked my son this week how he was finding it and he said he’s using it morning & night and thinks it’s amazing for his skin – he seems to have established quite a routine for himself!

We definitely love your products and they are working well for us all.”
Liz – NZ

“I bought my first deodorant of yours just recently from Valerie’s Pantry in Belmont – Geelong. Have to say, I am VERY impressed! I have been using paste for years and have tried so many different brands, and can say that yours works the best. I am a heavy sweater and get smelly pretty easy but not so with Babs! And I’ve only been using the standard one so am keen to try the charcoal one too.
Thank you for making a lovely deodorant – it’s much appreciated from a stinky sweater like me!”

“I’m loving everything.  Less is more! I have a skin condition in my armpits and a lovely friend of mine gifted me her Clary Sage & Geranium Deodorant sample, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s amazing. I love all of your products, especially the Herbaceous Floral Perfume. I didn’t think I could find beautiful skincare that has everything I want with almost nothing in it. Thank you for make such elegant compliments to my skin.”

“Your skincare really is the best I’ve found. My skin gets irritated quite easily and becomes red, but while using your products it’s settled right down and looks clear and even! I never thought I’d have my best skin happening when I hit 40, but after using your products for a couple of years now it’s been the best!! Thank you so much for creating such beautiful products xxoo”
Ellen D – VIC

“The Bicarb Free Deodorant is the best natural deodorant I have tried. Even throughout a work out. I am obsessed. Also loving the Face Mask & Body Oil!  Great products and reasonably priced, I’ve paid so much more for other products and not had as good results so thank you!”
Danielle – NSW

“Just thought I’d let you know how wonderful your Body Balm is. While visiting my sister in Finland in June I noticed she had a rash on her ankle, looked very sore and red and she kept scratching it. As she was rubbing her hand cream on it, I suggested she try using my Body Balm. She gave it a go and within days the red rash started to heal. I left her the jar to keep using and later on when back in Australia, as I asked how she was doing, she told me her rash was gone completely. My sister was amazed at the result. I did mention that I don’t go anywhere without it – helps me from dry skin to insect bites and is safe to use.

Thank you for my Face Pack too. I do think the cleansing oil, the spray mist and the face oil work well when used together.  Winter is very drying on my skin so they help keep my skin healthy and looking it’s best.”
Kaisa – Mudgee

“After struggling with what can only be called “tang” since high school, I turned to natural deodorant as a potential solution.   After pit detoxing with apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay, I started the process of finding a natural deodorant that actually works.

After trying no fewer than 16 different products, I found Babs – and wow what a difference!

Whilst a number of the other deodorants had some success with mitigating odour, I wasn’t 100% happy for various reasons. Either they were too wet, left too much residue, the product’s own smell was overpowering, or what started as a sweet scent turned sour by the end of the day.

Babs changed all of that. With a beautiful light scent, it doesn’t feel wet and leaves no/minimal residue. Better yet, there isn’t a trace of body odour during the day and I don’t need to reapply (which given I live in Cairns and am outside a lot is no mean feat).

I couldn’t recommend Babs natural deodorant highly enough – in fact I’ve already ordered some for my sister!”
Renae – Cairns

“I’ve purchased the face oil and tea tree deodorant twice now, these products are indispensable! I have really sensitive skin and used to get flare ups of perioral dermatitis but haven’t had a single issue with my skin in the last year that I’ve been moisturizing with the face oil. The deodorant works incredibly well and smells great too! Thanks for creating such an amazing range of skincare products, they’re honestly life changing.”
Rania – Melbourne

Got the two face oils and cleansing oil, they are just fabulous! I have been meaning to message you to say my skin has never been so fabulous since I started using the Babs products.”
Lara – Central Coast

“I just wanted to let you know that since July when I came to visit you at the Finders Keepers market and subsequently made a purchase of your products, my skin has NEVER been better! I used to avoid oils and only used cleansers that foamed – never again! I love all the products I purchased (three pack of face mist, face oil and oil cleanser) and even though my skin was quite clear to begin with, I have not had a single pimple pop up – since JULY! I also was given a sample of the pink clay mask which I adore too. Next purchase; the deodorant! Keep up the excellent work, I love supporting local, amazing brands.”
Evie Papigiotis – Melbourne

“Where to start with this amazing body oil! It has saved my skin through two winters and a pregnancy! I tend to get dry flakey legs during winter but with this body oil they look and feel amazing. Not to mention how this was my “cannot live without” item during my pregnancy, not only did it make my skin glow, it was a godsend when my stomach was feeling all stretched out and itchy. I truly cannot get enough of this wonderful product and use it all year round! Xx”
Danya – North Narrabeen NSW

“My skin has never been better since switching from chemical filled moisturisers to Babs! I have had terribly red cheeks and broken capillaries on my cheeks since I can remember, but since using Babs for a month or so I have noticed a significant difference in their appearance. It has been amazing.”
Meg – Aberfeldie VIC 

“I met you and your awesome products at the Canberra Handmade market this year!  I was feeling very blurgh and on the lookout for a game-changer.  I’ll be honest and say the idea of layering oil-based products sounded like a disaster but the price point was good and I needed to try something different as everything wasn’t doing it for me.  So I walked away with the cleanser, facial oil and toner.  I was only going to get the face oil because anytime I hear “they work better together” I always think it’s mainly to increase the sale.  But I’m so glad I did because I find the face oil is not the same without the cleanser.  Everything works awesomely and I’ve been super happy with the products.  Living in Canberra the air is so dry and most winters my face looks a mess.  But your products are brilliant!  I’ve never been so excited to clean my face!!
Meisha – Canberra ACT

“I have been meaning to find the time to praise you for the Babs face oil. I’m just loving it. It works into the skin so well and is very nourishing, feeding the skin. I’ve used many brands often more commercial and higher priced but I would recommend this as such a great value, quality product, to anyone. I use it in place of a serum and put moisturiser on top (in winter) as I have dry skin. So thank u – great job!”
Melissa – VIC

“The BABS Bodycare deodorant is a great product. Unwittingly, so many people put on the usual ‘supermarket’ deodorant which is full of chemicals and rubbish – plenty of which is absorbed into the skin. The BABS deodorant is all natural and best of all – it really works!”
Dr Bruce Stafford (CMD)-VIC

“I’ve been quite impressed by how clean my face feels after using the cleansing oil and how light the face products are in general. I’ve just bought the full sized versions of the cleansing oil, rosewater toner and face oil because my face feels smoother and complexion clearer in just a week! Thank you!”
Lee – Canberra

“I have never used an all natural body product (Citrus Deodorant) that does exactly what it says it should and for that we thank you! Customers for life”
Mel & Cody – Queensland

“I stumbled across Babs Bodycare at the Adelaide Finders Keepers Markets and I am so glad I did!  I bought myself a small tea tree oil deodorant and it is LIFE!  I couldn’t imagine starting my day without it, I have tried all of the deodorants on the market and they haven’t even come close to the protection that Babs products offer.
You have a life long fan here, I cannot wait to try all of your products now.”
Stacey – Adelaide SA

“I just wanted to say I love your Tea Tree Deodorant. I saw a feature for your product on Finders Keepers and was interested to try it out, so visited your stall at the Melbourne market. I’ve been meaning to switch to a natural deodorant for a while but after a few failures in the past I was dragging my feet. But there is no looking back now – I love your deodorant it works so well. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product and great packaging (I love that you use glass jars rather than plastic).”
Melanie – Melbourne VIC

“The deodorant is working amazingly! Initially, i thought because it’s winter I wouldn’t really see how good it can be but I actually had to run around and break a sweat today and the deodorant has really worked a treat.
I’ve also tried the facial cleansing oil after a girls night to remove my make up, I love the smell and my face felt so refreshed after. Loving these products.”
Aninta – Lakemba NSW

“I am absolutely loving the products and the tester! I might buy the body balm next order. The face pack is working wonders and your deodorant is the best, I am recommending it to everyone! I found out about your products at the finders keepers market in Sydney, where I bought your deodorant. I loved it so much I had to buy more and try your face pack too.”
Sharon – Queens Park NSW

“I met you last week at the Adelaide Finders Keepers Market, and I purchased your Face Oil after your recommendations and promising me that it would do worlds for my skin….you were not wrong!
I have used it for a week now and I can’t remember the last time my skin has been so good. Not one breakout all week.”
Anni – Adelaide SA

“I have tried every product. I keep a spare of the face oil because its my can’t do without beauty product. I have sensitive skin and only use natural products and I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE all Babs Bodycare products. Do your skin a favour and give them a try.”
Cherie – Prospect NSW

“I’ve tried all the products and love them all! My favourites are the tea tree deodorant and the face oil – wouldn’t want to miss them. So good to know what I put on my skin (and it smells really nice).”
Laura – Perth WA

“I am so in love with Babs Face Oil! Not a blemish in site. Perfectly moisturised, never too oily, always fresh faced! I even got asked if I just had a facial! Nope, it’s just Babs Bodycare’s Face Oil and it’s a million times cheaper and easier.”
Madi – Melbourne VIC

“I am totally in LOVE with all of these beautiful products. As someone who’s always on the search for natural alternatives I have been blown away by the Babs range. Their deodorant actually WORKS! It’s the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried. The body oil has become an essential in my beauty routine. Not only does it smell incredible, but it lasts for ages and leaves my skin soft, hydrated and smooth. The best part is that although it’s oil based, I’m never left with ‘oily’ skin. It’s perfectly balanced. The ingredient list is clean with no added nasties and you can feel the love and dedication to quality in each product. I’m a Babs babe for life.”
Em – Seddon VIC

“The tea tree deodorant is fabulous! I highly recommend using it.”
Mim – Melbourne VIC

“Babs Deodorant – WOW…This product really works, I am super impressed! I was reluctant to try this and sceptical it wouldn’t work…. I wasn’t keen on the application using my hands and I sweat a lot so many deodorants just don’t work for me. I brought some following a recommendation from a friend and have not looked back. Hands down the BEST deodorant I have EVER used. I put it on in the morning – go about my day at work, go to the gym – sweat it out like a beast and NO SMELL and I do not need to Reapply! This stuff is amazing. I have been telling everyone I know about it! Well worth the money too as it lasts a lot longer than your average spray /roll on deodorant. Can’t recommend it enough!”
Melissa – Quakers Hill NSW

“Love the products! My skin could not thank me enough. The face oil is sensational, just what you need. An essential product for my daily routine.”
Victoria – Annandale NSW

“The smell of the body oil is enough for me to want to use it but it moisturises so well too. I tried another well known and expensive brand of body oil but it left my skin feeling dry with the oil sitting on top. Babs absorbs really well and really hydrates my skin. Love it!”
Kristy – Bendigo VIC

“I have been a BABS fan for almost a year now. In love with all the products, but in particular the deodorant, face oil and the body scrub. I love how refreshing my skin feels with these incredible natural products! Highly recommend”
Siobhan – Newcastle NSW

“Love everything about Babs. It’s natural, it’s locally produced, it’s chemical free and it really works! My whole family love it too. I’ll never go back to using canned deodorant again”
Rebecca – Kings Langley NSW

“From face mists to deodorants to body oil I absolutely love this brand! High quality great packaging made locally and best of all it’s helped my dry skin out better than anything else I’ve tried!”
Natalie – Seddon VIC

“Summary: beautiful, clean, natural, nourishing…
I love that I can identify all of the ingredients used in each of the BABS products. The deodorant is smooth to apply and so effective! Would be difficult to find a comparable product.
BABS face cleanser and oil are both light and deeply nourishing. The lip gloss is my essential handbag staple … I even put a gloss in my kids school bags! “ Can’t recommend BABS highly enough. Bring on Melbourne winter- I’m set!
Corinne – Glen Eira VIC

“I love the feel!!! I’ve always questioned the waste from aerosol deodorants and roll-ons felt sticky most of the time. The Babs deodorant paste gives me confidence that I have full coverage, a great underarm feel and no wasting half the product into the room around me. Not to mention the impact to the environment and the additives to make them last 24-48 hours.”
Clint – Newport VIC

“Best bodycare products ever! I use the whole range. I adore the tea tree deodorant paste which really really works! I cycled and camped from Germany to England with only 3 shirts over 1 month, and people would still talk to me! I am now marathon training, and the deodorant still works a treat. I also love the body balm and body oil which soothes any rubbing straight away! The brown sugar scrub as a bath soak has eased all of the aches and smells divine! Highly, highly, highly recommend all of these organic hand made products made right in St Kilda! Get on board people, you won’t regret it!!!!”
Alannah – Perth WA

“What a great range of Australian made organic body care products that work very well. Even us guys need to look after ourselves. Well done to the Babs’ team!”
John – Rydalmere NSW

“Can I just tell you that your deodorant is awesome!! I have been using it for a few weeks now and my stench has gone! I have tried so many different brands over the last two years and yours beats them all by a mile!”
Steph – Dural NSW

“I have been using and LOVE the products.  The deodorant is SO good.  I have been using other brands and on especially hot days it needs to be reapplied and can get a bit sticky.  The Babs one is 100 times better!  It’s so effective I don’t have to worry about super sweaty hot days!!  I’ve also used a wide range of facial oils and would definitely rate yours as probably the best of the lot.”
Bec – Narara NSW

“I just wanted to give a shout out to the new Babs Bodycare products! I’ve been a long time user of the original tea tree deodorant but am now in LOVE with the new additions to the range! I’ve got super sensitive skin and most store bought (including sensitive and dermalogically tested!) products usually result in angry, red, dried out patches on my face. Since switching to your products not only have I not had any new breakouts but my skin is smooth and hydrated!”
Carlie – St Kilda VIC

“As a health care professional I have always been aware of the products I use on, and put in my body. I have always been conscious of the number of chemicals, especially aluminum that are used in most deodorants. Until now, no other natural deodorant around was a decent alternative.  Just because I don’t want to use potentially dangerous chemicals on myself, doesn’t mean I’m not aware of body odour. This is where Babs Bodycare stepped up and filled that gap in the market.

I have been using Babs Bodycare for a year now and would not look back. What a fantastic alternative. Not only is the principle of these products clever, but the end result is perfect as well. Instead of stopping your body from sweating (a mechanism which is how we naturally cool our body), it targets the bacteria on your skin, which is the cause of the odour.  Not only has it gotten me though some intense heat waves but also some stressful days at work. It is a totally natural product that works just as well as the aluminum laydened products on the market. By using this product you’re supporting an Australian small business and an Australian made product. I have already recommended Babs to all of my friends and family and do not hesitate to tell as many people I know about this fantastic natural product. If you haven’t tried this one, it is different from all the other alternative products on the market and genuinely works, you will not look back.”
Victoria – Annandale NSW

“Babs, what a triumph! Some people don’t mind what chemicals they use on their skin. I’m not one of those people. After my grandmother and mother suffered with breast cancer and radiotherapy, I’ve tried and tested various deodorants that claim to be natural and have been disappointed each time. Babs represents a whole new era of a deodorant that excels in performance as well as being natural, allowing the wearer to be calm and comfortable even on the hottest of days. Without a doubt the best deodorant I’ve used, I’ll be spreading the word.”
Amy – Hamilton East NSW

“Babs Paste has exceeded our expectations, especially on those hot days during summer. No more body sprays with nasty chemicals. Babs Paste has given us an organic alternative to feeling fresh all day.”
Stefan and Alyson – Newcastle NSW

“I have tried endless deodorants which claim they work for 24-48 hours and don’t even last a few hours.  I still found I smelt stale by the end of the day. I had to wash my tops even if they were worn for a few hours not because they were dirty but due to the white marks & stale deodorant smell which impregnated the fabric. I was shocked when I started using Babs, finally after 25 years I have found a deodorant which really does work all day, I don’t smell stale, I can even wear my tops 2 days in a row, it’s organic & the only time I need to re-apply is after a swim or after a shower……one very happy Babs customer……thanks…you’re a genius!!”
Kirsty – Nulkaba NSW

“What’s not to love? Natural, organic, handmade with love & passion for the best possible product! My favourite product is the yet to be released Whipped Body Butter- it will change your life! Big fan of Peppermint Lip Balm too.”
Alex – Winston Hills NSW

Never ever applied deodorant in the form of a paste before so I was a little sceptical but I am blown away! I’m a stay at home mum & in the heat of suburban Sydney summer running around after my baby girls, there is no more odour AND no more sweat! Truly, I am stoked!! Loving the body oil too although I am yet to get acquainted with the face oil & scrub…. It’s on the agenda! Thanks BABS, the fact that all ingredients are natural AND at such a great price I couldn’t recommend BABS more!
Sarah – Kings Langley NSW

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