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Spring Clean your products

A new season can be a great time to clean out your bathroom cupboards and makeup bag.

The shelf life of natural skincare and makeup will depend on a few things –
the product – cream or balm, where it’s stored, how often it’s used and the ingredients etc. but here’s a rough guideline for opened products.

Mascara and liquid eyeliner – used around the eyes it’s recommended to change these every 3-4 months.
Eye Liner, Brow and Lip Liner Pencils – last longer, around 1 year, and recommended to sharpen regularly before use
Lip sticks/gloss/balms – 1 year
Foundations/Concealers/ BB & CC creams – 1 year
Powders – foundation, blush etc – 1-2year

Regularly cleaning makeup brushes will also help your makeup have a longer shelf life.

Once products are open, it’s best to use within a year.
Cleansers, Toners & Face Mists
– 6 months
Serums – 6 months
Moisturising Oils & Creams – 6-12 months
Balms and Deodorants
– 6-12 months
Exfoliants & Masks – 12-18 months

Sunscreen – 12 months from opening but be mindful of leaving these out in the sun as this can impact efficiency and keep an eye on the expiry date

Unopened skincare and make up will maintain it’s shelf life for 18-24 months as long as they are stored out of sunlight and in a cool dry spot.
Once products are opened and are being stored in a bathroom which is a humid environment, it is best to use within 3-12 months.
Makeup would be best stored out of the bathroom in a dry area out of direct sunlight.
Any products that have separated, had a change in texture or colour or don’t smell right – toss.

Always apply products and makeup with clean hands.  And Remember – when in doubt, do without (chuck it out).

All these tips will ensure you not only get the most out of your products but that your skin is well looked after.

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