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Did you know?   It is estimated that in the U.S. every year 2 Billion disposable razors are thrown away!  It would have to be similar in Australia too. All that waste, not to mention all that money we spend on disposable razors adds up!

Which is why we are now stocking a range of Safety Razors and blades for both women and men which are suitable for legs, armpits and face!

Switching to a reusable Safety Razor helps
Reduce waste
Save money
Easy to use
Gives you a cleaner & closer shave
Longer times between shaves
Better for your health & the environment

Disposable razors – let’s do the maths
We can get our hands on a disposable razor for just a few dollars. You’re probably purchasing a pack of 3 razors say every 3-4 months.  That’s $10 – $15 for a 3 pack which is around $45 for 9 razors that go to landfill in one year.  If you’ve got a partner or house mate that’s doing the same $90 and 18 razors.

Safety razors can work out to be a little more costly upfront.  $50 will get you a Safety razor and a 5 pack of razor blades.  The safety razor will last you a lifetime when looked after and a 5 pack of blades (depending on how often you shave) should last 3-6 months.

My Safety Razor
I LOVE my comb safety razor and while I don’t shave my legs every day (maybe once a week) I still haven’t changed my razor blade from April as it’s still sharp.  It took me about 2-3 shaves to work out the best way to use it – the angle to shave at, how much pressure to apply etc.

Honestly, I did get a few tiny nicks around my ankle and knee (but never under my arms) as the blade was way sharper than the old blue plastic Bic I had been using for 2 years! #zerowaste

I have heard a few people mention they’re a little scared of the how sharp it is and the thought of using a safety razor.  It is so easy to use and the nicks I got would’ve been the same nicks from using a sharp disposable razor.

Types of Safety Razors
Two main differences with the razors we have in stock – butterfly and comb.  This refers to the opening of the safety razor which is where the razor blade goes in.

  • Comb or multi piece razor – means the whole razor comes apart to attach the blade
  • Butterfly – uses a twist mechanism at the bottom of the handle to open the top where the blade goes – all one piece.


Both are super easy to adjust and fit the blade so the main choice would be the colour or handle you like.

These razors give you an amazing close shave and are really easy to use.  Three things to remember before shaving –

1. Prepare skin – whether you use soap or shaving cream, make sure you lather up! I find the Heart & Coal soaps we have in stock lather up really well and you want to make sure you have more than enough to prevent razor rash or razor burn.  (Tip – if you have extra dry skin – I have applied some Facial Cleansing Oil to my skin then soap on top for extra protection)
2. Go slow – give yourself a little extra time for your first shave. This helps you to understand exactly how the razor works, how much pressure you need to apply and what angle to shave at. It is heavier than a disposable razor which helps with a closer shave and means the safety razor does the job for you.
3. Moisturise – yep, don’t forget to apply your Body Oil to look after that super smooth skin

Looking after your Safety Razor
Clean after each shave – rinse and wipe down the safety razor and blade to remove hair and soap (I have a comb razor and take it apart to clean it after 2 or 3 shaves)
– Storage – It is recommended to store your safety razor in a clean, dry space after each use. (mine lives in my shower but it is recommended that you clean and dry it after each use and store it someone dry)
– Disposal of blades – you want to be careful and mindful when disposing of razor blades.  I’ve seen people using a blade bank – this can be an old tin or soup can to pop the blades in.  Make sure you have it clearly labelled. Once full they recycle them.  Alternatively, wrap them back up in the waxed paper they come in and then in newspaper to dispose.

If you’ve got any questions about these please email me –  They are seriously easy to use and are nothing to be scared of.  The amount of plastic and waste it saves me from creating, along with the amount of money I save AND the extra time in between shaves makes it so effective.  It’s a WIN WIN.

Shop Safety Razors here and razor blades here.

As a side note – I haven’t travelled with mine yet and I would only take it away with me on a week holiday and so it would be fine in checked baggage.  I’ve read about taking the razor and blade apart, makes it easier/safer to travel with.  But I’d get in touch with the airline if you want to take it on carry on.

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