Natural Deodorant Tea Tree

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Babs Natural Tea Tree Deodorant works by neutralising the odour causing bacteria that live under your arms while still allowing you to sweat and expel toxins. Using 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to keep you smelling fresh.

100% Natural
All day effectiveness
Australian made and owned
Free from Alcohol, Aluminium & Triclosan
Cruelty free
Comes in a glass jar

Please note the Tea Tree Deodorant is a slightly stronger blend than our Citrus Deodorant, contains Sodium Bicarbonate & Beeswax and comes in a glass jar.
If you are sensitive to bicarb we recommend our bicarb free Geranium & Clary Sage natural deodorant

Take a small amount of paste, around the size of a five cent piece, or enough to cover the back of your fingernail. Warm up mixture between your fingers or skin and spread gently under each arm.

For more tips on using our natural deodorant paste, read more here.

Note: If transitioning from an antiperspirant please note some people experience a detox period. Your pores will unblock and you may find you need to apply a second time during the day. This normally only lasts for a few days. You may also experience redness which is also a sign of your body detoxing.
Should you have a reaction that lasts more than a few days we recommend discontinuing use and seeing a healthcare professional.

Ingredients – *Cocos nucifera(Coconut oil), *Butyrospermum parkii(Shea butter), Sodium Bicarbonate (naturally mined), Maranta arudinacea(Arrowroot), *Theobroma cacao(Cocoa butter), Cera flava(Beeswax), *Melaleuca terntifolia(Tea tree)

*Certified organic ingredients

54 reviews for Natural Deodorant Tea Tree

  1. Ricola

    I was super sceptical about trying another natural deodorant but this one is even outperforming conventional ones!

  2. Caroline Bevan (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, have been using babs deodorant for over a year now. Wouldn’t use anything else on my pits!

  3. Anni (verified owner)

    Have been using this for about 2yrs now and absolutely love it. I tried heaps of other natural deoderants which were all either irritating or didnt properly neutralise BO, before finding BABS. This is by far my fave deo and love that it comes in a larger size so I Hardly ever have to buy more!

  4. Yunmi (verified owner)

    I was first introduced to this natural deodorant by a friend and loved it. I was looking for something natural, nice smelling and a product that didn’t cause discolouration or irritation to my skin. I have tried and tested many natural deodorants and nothing has come close to what this product can offer. My partner also started to have skin irritations not too long ago after using an array of commercial deodorants. Due to his demanding role as a healthcare worker, he started to also experience excessive sweating and odour when working long shift work hours. After trialling this product out, it is now a major player in his daily morning routine. It certainly ticks all the boxes for us and I’m so glad it’s one product we can trust to do its job without fail.

  5. Daniella (verified owner)

    I am so incredibly grateful that I have come across this brand. If you are thinking about purchasing this item – do it. This product literally keeps you smelling fresh all day. As an added bonus for myself, it has reduced my excessive sweating by a large amount. This is an issue I have faced with since I started high school. I would never risk wearing a coloured top because of my enormous sweat patches. This issue has contributed massively to my lack of self-confidence. So many outfits were avoided!
    I am now 23 and can finally say that I do not need to worry about this anymore. I can finally wear a colour other than black. Absolutely life-changing!
    Thank you!

  6. Kate (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and this one is hands down the best one!! It lasts all day with no irritation, odour or white marks. I’ve used it at the gym, day hikes and in extreme weather and it is still amazing. I’ve got my partner and several friends onto it and everyone is converted. Thanks for a great product Andrea.

  7. Sandra (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the tea tree deodorant!! I’ve been using it for more than a year. Before that I was looking for a good natural deodorant for ages and now my family in Europe uses it too. We’re obsessed 🙂
    Thanks Andrea for these amazing products!!

  8. Elizabeth Newman (verified owner)

    I love this product. I have been using the Tea Tree deodorant for about 3 years now and I am yet to come across any other natural deodorants that are as effective. Love that it is subtle, super easy to apply and doesnt leave any residue on my clothes! Thank you Babs!!

  9. Anita

    I have nearly finished my Tea Tree deodorant that I got at Business Chicks and it is awesome! I do triathlons, which involves a lot of sweaty training and it really stands up to this test! It’s my favourite one so far!!

  10. Jacinta (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many natural deodorants over the years, none of them work as effectively as this stuff from Babs. It massages in so nice and lasts all day, no irritation or white marks on my clothes. I discovered Babs at a Sydney design market and thought I’d give it a go. Turns out it works WAY better than the one I have been using. Plus, the ingredients list is much shorter – which I love 🙂

  11. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I bought Babs Natural Deodorant Tea Tree last year after coming across it at Finders Keepers in a bid to reduce the chemicals I put on my body. Whilst I expected Babs to be better for me than my traditional supermarket aluminium-laden deodorant, what I did not expect was for it to do a better job. I thought that the trade off for a healthier product would be inferior performance, but I can honestly say Babs does a better job than any other deodorant I have used. This deodorant lasts all day, it has seen me through countless F45 classes, hot yoga, 14 hour + work shifts and never let me down. It never stains or marks my clothes like some of my spray deodorants have. And best of all, it’s good for me. Never stop making this deodorant!
    Do yourself a favour…. you won’t regret it

  12. Amy (verified owner)

    I met Andrea at the Finders Keepers market 2 years ago and bought some of this stuff after wanting to find a natural deodorant. I was sceptical and found it hard to find a time I wanted to ‘risk’ the switch so it sat on my shelf for a year. I then got fed up of all the yellow patches on my white shirts and read that this wasn’t caused by sweat but by the aluminium in deodorants so this was the kick I needed to try it out! I’ve been using this, and only this, for almost a year now and it’s been amazing. I work 12+ hour days on site, sweating, go to the gym, days walking around and haven’t had an issue – I can’t smell myself and the bus doesn’t clear when I get on it so it must be working! My pits are smooth and I haven’t had angry red bumps from shaving since using it. I did have the ‘detox’ issues mentioned above when I first switched (smellier than usual for a couple of days and red pits) but nothing since. I can’t recommend this product enough and the 120g one lasts me six months! I tried an alternative natural deodorant they had at the supermarket which was cheaper to compare but it left the most rancid smell on all my clothes that only came out after washing them several times! So I only have eyes for Babs!! Thanks for producing an amazing natural deodorant! I’ve recently ordered a bunch of other products to try so I can’t wait to try them!

  13. Josef

    Get this now! It works, it’s great value and safe to use. As a guy who works in a factory I found it difficult to get a deodorant that actually worked. Babs is great. Best purchase ever.

  14. Emily (verified owner)

    Love this product! I wish I had known about this brand earlier. It’s all natural. It really works. You’d be silly not to use it.

  15. Lee (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant! It’s all natural, smells awesome and I haven’t had any smells come through at all. I’ve just ordered the citrus variety and eager to see if it’s just as good.

  16. Phoebe

    This is without a doubt the best deodorant I’ve ever tried. Easy application, subtle fragrance and long lasting. I’ve always struggled with underarm odour but this has virtually eliminated that problem. Love love love!

  17. Beth H (verified owner)

    I cannot rave about this product enough. I have sensitive pits as many of us do, and was finding store bought deodorant was causing a rash/stinging, and my pits still just reeked, and so did my clothes. I had tried other natural deodorants and they just were just not bashing the BO at all. As soon as I switched to babs it was like my pit worries were over! It actually kills the BO, I never need to reapply, and it doesn’t make my clothes stink. It’s also gentle on my sensitive skin. I cannot recommend it enough and I’ve managed to switch a few friends over to it too. Please try it! You will not look back!!!

  18. Trish

    To add to my previous review:
    I’m loving the deodorant, I was a little apprehensive about it but can safely say it’s amazed me. I still have some break through BO but can live with that knowing it’s natural & not full of nasties.

  19. Trish

    I love the Tea Tree Deodorant. It was suggested to me by a friend & once I tried it I haven’t looked back.
    I admit I was a little skeptical as I am an anxious person & perspire ALOT when under stress, I haven’t used a natural deodorant before because I was sure they wouldn’t work with out the “chemicals” but I was pleasantly surprised, it really does works. I think the Tea Tree really reduces ingrown hairs too.

    I have just purchased my second jar of Babs Tea Tree Deodorant & a Citrus one to try, arrived today so so excited.

  20. Lil Milagro Henshaw (verified owner)

    I have been completely happy with this deodorant. It feels smooth on my underarms and smells absolutely amazing.
    My daughter and I have been using it and feel ‘stink free’ especially when applied prior to a work out.
    No regrets in spending the money on this product.

  21. Kathryn

    Wow!! Awesome Deodorant! I was skeptical at first, having never used a natural deodorant before… now it’s all
    I use. It feels fantastic on your skin, it smells lovely and…. it WORKS! Tadaaaa!!!

  22. Lisa

    Brilliant product, good for you and excellent value for money. I’d encourage everyone to use it!

  23. sally

    My teenage daughter has REALLY bad smelling perspiration and this is the ONLY natural deodorant that completely kills the smell and also the wet patch on her tops.

  24. Lisa

    I love the deodorant. It is so easy to use & not messy at all, which I was a little concerned about.
    The Tea Tree doesn’t even smell that strong when you have it on & I like the fact it has natural antibacterial qualities.
    I also like the fact that it is moisturising this delicate skin instead of drying it out, as my skin is ageing now this is of concern. Thumbs up!

  25. Belinda

    I have to say I adore the deodorant paste, it is yet another game changer along with your cleansing oil! I am going up to Brisbane next week, and am so confident I’ll just be taking that, not my usual chemical goo. My pits are silky smooth like never before and pores completely clear, and odourless throughout the day.

  26. Sean

    The best natural deodorant I’ve used. Really great product.

  27. Liz

    I am loving it. I actually purchased the citrus deodorant for my first try of this product, but I much prefer the tea tree. The scent is so much… ‘fresher’ and it seems to last longer too! I’m converted for life.

  28. Heidi

    Just ordered ANOTHER jar of Babs Tea Tree Deodorant, plus the citrus one as well. I’ve been using the Tea Tree for about 9 months now and absolutely LOVE it! I was so surprised that it has lasted so long, even using it everyday. Having asthma, it is an awesome alternative to spray deodorants. Good work BABS! 🙂

  29. Jim

    Have been using the Tea Tree deodorant for a few months now and absolutely love it. It performs significantly better in odour prevention than any aerosol or roll on deodorants and feels great on the skin. One tub lasts a long time so you end up saving quite a bit. Wouldn’t even thinking about going back to other alternatives.

  30. Jules Hunt

    I am naturally a sceptical person, but when a friend of mine recommend that I try the Teatree deodorant I thought what the hey. omg, amazing. After all day out Ice-skating and walking the parks with my kids I didn’t smell, even by that night I didn’t smell. Thank you Babs, and so do all around me?.

  31. Rebecca

    I’ve been meaning to let you know that the deodorant is freaking awesome! I am usually a sweaty kind of gal, and have struggled to find a deodorant that works since forever. But this week, I have been thrusting my armpit in my husband’s face every afternoon to admire! Trying to convert him too. Will definitely be repurchasing for me and friends!

  32. Emily

    Cannot rave about the deodorant enough! Both the citrus and tea tree smell AMAZING and it works! I love this product and will be a long time customer! Also really enjoying the face mist and oil!!

  33. Bree

    Absolutely love the deodorant! I have tried many natural deodorants and this is by far the best. It is the only deodorant I do not have to reapply through out the day and has a lovely smell. Highly recommend this product.

  34. Jassie

    I absolutely love this deodorant – my father always used to talk about the harm of chemicals & aluminium in deodorants but I wasn’t willing to trade my gold ol’ roll on for sweating and smelling. A friend told me to try this and assured me it was fantastic and 6 months on I am an addict & advocate. Its changed my life

  35. Amy

    A natural deodorant that really works! Even after cycling to work, a day in the office then cycling home again. I’m hooked and won’t go back to those nasty aluminium laced products again. Thank you!! Cannot recommend this product enough!

  36. Meg

    I can’t believe I’m actually using, loving and recommending this deodorant. I’ve being searching for a deodorant for years that stops BO, going for the strongest I can find on the market and nothing worked. I was completely sceptical of natural products – in my mind I thought how could they possibly work without chemicals. How wrong I was. This has changed everything for me! Sure it doesn’t stop the sweating but I don’t care. After a full day I still smell fresh and my clothes don’t smell and aren’t stained by chemical deodorants. Please don’t ever stop making this product 🙂

  37. Rosie

    I am so impressed with this deodorant. I purchased it a week ago and it’s already withstood the ultimate test: Mardi Gras. I arrived home smelling perfectly fine even though I’d put it on first thing in the morning, gone shopping, volunteered from 3-11pm, then danced at the afterparty. Usually if I wear a regular deodorant I’d come home smelling like a weird concoction of chemicals trying (and failing) to mask hours of sweat. I’d tried other natural deodorants in the past without much success so I was starting to think that chemical sprays were my destiny so I’m so happy to have stumbled across Babs. Now I’m in the process of converting all of my friends, family and local organics shops..!

  38. Bec

    This deodorant is AMAZING!!! Only need to apply once in the morning and it lasts all day. All the family are now converted to Babs natural deodorants!

  39. Peta MacKinnon

    I have tried a variety of organic deodorants and this certainly is the one I’ve found to be most effective, in fact the only one that truly prevents underarm odour!!

  40. Ann

    Absolutely love it. Smells great and works well. What else do you want

  41. Kimberly

    I made the switch to all natural skincare and the BABs Tea Tree deodorant wins hands down. The fresh light scent combats odour on not just lighter days, but on those days that I’ve been working up a sweat in the studio or workshop. Finally a natural that is gentle on my skin and really works at keeping me feeling fresh. Thank you!!

  42. Brydie

    After trying EVERY POSSIBLE deodorant on the market, this is by far THE BEST. I’ll never buy anything else again! I’ve suffered from hyperhydrosis since my teenage years and always been self conscious in the armpit department. This has made so much difference to my life… can not thank Babs enough for making a natural AND effective product!

  43. Natalie

    Everyone in our household was wearing natural deodorant except for hubby! The Babs tea tree deodorant has finally converted him!! For a man that works in sweaty overalls on trucks all day this is the only one we’ve found that does the job!! Highly recommend to anyone that smells a little more than the average person! Added bonus is that it lasts ages and is super easy to apply!!

  44. Laura

    This is one of my favourite Babs products – I always had trouble with smelling really bad half way through the day. The only thing that helped was really strong antiperspirants that left my skin dry and irritated. And then I found Babs – now I still sweat but I just don’t stink anymore (so my friends tell me) and as a bonus my armpits are smoother than they have ever been. Thank you Babs!!!

  45. Dams

    I was using commercial antiperspirants and when they stopped working I was using the heavy duty driclor which contains a whopping 20% aluminium. I hated using the stuff but I stunk so bad without it. A close friend recommended I try this product and I bought some during the finders keepers in Melbourne. Whilst I was told that it might take a week to work it actually worked straight away! I feel great and have thrown out all other deodorants and aps! Best product ever!

  46. Nicky

    This is a gorgeous & easy to use product. I’ve been using natural deoderants for a while but often find they don’t really eliminate odor. The tea tree oil in this product smells fresh & I’m loving the super clean smell. Rubs in quick and easy for busy mornings. Ill be buying this beautiful product again!

  47. Therese

    Finally a deodorant which actually works for those of us who need that extra protection! I’ve tried soooo many over the course of many years (natural and not so natural) and nothing has done the job like the Babs deodorant paste. Incredibly cost effective too – only need a tiny bit to get thru the day dry, and my clothes are in much better condition for it too! Thanks so much Babs! 🙂

  48. Mecia

    BUY THIS DEODORANT! As the other reviewers have stated, it’s the best. I first tried the Citrus version of this deodorant, after stumbling across Babs at the Adelaide Bowerbird Market, but have since tried the Tea Tree version as well. Both scents are lovely – I find that I alternate which one I use.
    I’ve tried most natural deodorants on the market (thank you sensitive skin) and found that all others haven’t really worked for me. This babs one though, works a treat! Given that it is a natural deodorant, and not anti-perspirant, you still do sweat but instead of stinking, you smell oh so Babs sweet. Seriously – try this product.

  49. Tori

    Where has this been all my life! I’ve spent the past few years hunting for a natural deodorant and thus far, all the ones I’ve tried don’t seem to mask my BO – at long last I’ve found something that does the trick, super stoked! Thanks Babs Bodycare

  50. Clare

    I have not looked back since using this deodorant, it’s seriously the best! I have converted family members who are also hooked.. ??

  51. Miriam (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best deodorant I’ve used! It smells nice, lasts a long time (very cost affective) and it actually works really well. I only need to put it on once a day and it works all day long. Other natural deodorants I’ve used have either given me eczema or have not worked at all. I’ve been using Babs tea tree deodorant since Christmas last year and I love it. Thanks Babs for such a great product!

  52. N Scamp

    Love it love it love it! This deodorant does what it says it will and is beautiful on your skin.
    A joy to use each day and just feels so good for you, with none of those nasties other products use . I will be a long time customer.
    …Oh and lip balm, the kids have used it and now it can’t be found – I actually cried!
    BABS products all the way

  53. Danielle

    Absolutely the best natural deoderant! I have used natural deoderants for more than 15 years and have never felt completely confident in its performance. ..until Babs! It’s a never-fail product, even during humid summers, and completely natural at a great price. So easy to use after showering and the lovely glass jar can be washed out and made useful for storing something else. Thanks for ending my search for the best natural deoderant!

  54. Emma Hart

    Hands down, seriously the best deodorant I’ve ever purchased. Ever. I’ve always been drawn to natural, organic skin care products & take a very strong disliking to the machine made/chemical ridden product. I was first introduced to BABS at Bowerbird in Adelaide May 2016. Initially I was nervous about buying some weird natural paste to put on your pits to stop odours… however the BABS creator was so darn lovely, down to earth (+ a wee bit quirky) & so darn passionate about her product. So I buckled. I bought the Tea Tree Oil deodorant paste & it was love at first paste. I’ve been itching to see the return of BABS so Adelaide so I can expand my range. BABS = fantastic value for money, natural product, high quality ingredients, Aussie made, super awesome customer service. Take the plunge and buy BABS. It’s love.

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