Geranium & Clary Sage Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant

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It’s here!  For all those with sensitive pits – we now have a Bicarb Free Deodorant.

Our most popular natural deodorant – Babs Geranium & Clary Sage Deodorant works by neutralising the odour causing bacteria without blocking pores with nasty ingredients.  This allows you to sweat and expel toxins but keeps you smelling fresh.

Our new formula contains nourishing shea and cacao butter, tapioca to absorb wetness and coconut oil for it’s naturally anti bacterial & anti fungal properties.  But we’ve swapped out bicarb and used magnesium to help keep odour at bay.

A lovely fresh floral blend of essential oils include Geranium, Clary Sage, Lavender and Tea Tree which are anti-bacterial, calming and help to reduce excessive sweating.

We’ve tested it on the most sensitive armpits and the verdict is “Yes, it works”, “I’m loving this bicarb free deo”.

100% natural
All day effectiveness
Australian made and owned
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Not tested on animals
Free from Alcohol, Aluminium & Triclosan
Comes in a glass jar
No Palm oil

Currently available in 60g and 120g glass jar with a tin lid.



  • 100% natural
  • All day effectiveness
  • Australian made and owned
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, Not tested on animals
  • Free from Alcohol, Aluminium & Triclosan
  • Comes in a glass jar
  • No Palm oil

Ingredients – Original formula
*Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil), *Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Magnesium Hydroxide, Manihot esculenta (Tapioca), *Theobroma cacao (Cocoa butter), Cera alba (Beeswax), *Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), *Salvia sclarea (Clary sage), *Lavendula angustifolia, *Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree)

Ingredients – Vegan formula (excludes Beeswax)
*Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil), *Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Magnesium Hydroxide, Manihot esculenta (Tapioca), *Theobroma cacao (Cocoa butter), *Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), *Salvia sclarea (Clary sage), *Lavendula angustifolia, *Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree)

*Certified organic ingredients

Take a small amount of paste, around the size of a five cent piece, melt on your fingers or directly onto armpits and spread gently under each arm.

Read our blog post for more tips on using our natural deodorant paste.

Note – If transitioning from an antiperspirant please note some people experience a detox period.  Your pores will unblock and you may find you need to apply a second time during the day.  This normally only lasts for a few days.

141 reviews for Geranium & Clary Sage Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant

  1. Anna (verified owner)

    After trying a different, very popular natural deodorant that gave me a very bad reaction, I was skeptical about whether Babs deodorant would be any different or actually work. I was quickly reassured after a couple of uses. Babs’ Geranium and Clary Sage deodorant is SO effective, NO reaction and smells SO GOOD!! Like, I feel like I’m putting natural perfume on, I love it so much! it is so easy to use, you only need a tiny bit so it lasts AAAGES and it’s great knowing that you’re using something that is not harming your body or the environment. After 6 years of using this deodorant, I am still as happy as I was when I first started using it. You will never go back!

  2. Carol (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd jar of this BiCarb free deodorant I have purchased and it wont be the last. It takes me much longer to use it as I purchase the large jar. I walk 10K a day and I sweat profusely . It would be a rare occasion that I have to apply more in the daytime. Great product.Great service with follow up too.
    That is a very rare in todays world. Well done Andrea.

  3. Vic (verified owner)

    I have used this deodorant for a few years now and it has never failed me. I work in the Central Desert Region and it works a treat. No matter how hot or humid it gets, it lasts. The scent is lovely and soft, and has a calming effect on me 🙂

  4. Maria (verified owner)

    I have been using this deodorant for over 6 months and I really like it. I have tried so many other natural deodorants before, only this one works for me. It didn’t irritate the skin and smells lovely. The only downside is on a very humid day, I need to apply several times. Thank you Babs.

  5. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Best deodorant ever and I have tried many. The only deodorant I have used for about 4 years and will continue to use. I love the smell of geranium and this is no exception. Thanks Babs 🙂

  6. Isabella (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Babs Bicarb Free Deodorant for quite some time now and I can honestly say that nothing else compares. It is such a beautiful formula and the smell is divine. I know I’ll be using Babs for years to come!

  7. Jacqui (verified owner)

    Babs came recommended by a good friend that is highly focused on not putting any nasties in her body. I am slowly swapping out those daily items and natural deodorant was next! This deodorant smells great, it doesn’t stain my clothes or leave a sticky residue like others and its easy to apply as melts away into the skin! Even hubby has given the mainstream anti-perspirant sprays the flick and has been using it, which means it stands the test of a daily worksite, and a very heavy-duty gym workout.

  8. Joan (verified owner)

    What a great natural deodorant! Smells amazing and super effective. Very happy with this product.

  9. Jess (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of natural deodorant and was in the market for a new one after trying so many and the Babs one just can’t compare! It smells amazing, super easy to apply and lasts ages. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a decent deodorant! Love your work guys, you’ve got an amazing product!

  10. Ksenya (verified owner)

    Really great deodorant! No irritation, keeps me dry, smells lovely and goes on really well. Definitely give this one a go.

  11. Sarah Fraser (verified owner)

    No natural deoderant compares to this one! I’m strictly Babs only deoderant after years of being so happy with it… It smells beautiful, lasts ages, and does the job perfectly

  12. Alyssa (verified owner)

    The bi-carb free deodorant is the best I’ve ever used! It doesn’t transfer onto clothes and it smells amazing! It’s the only deodorant I can use without getting a rash and I find I don’t smell at all when using it. It’s worth every cent!

  13. Sheridan (verified owner)

    Honestly obsessed! It’s so good, the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. It smells amazing, the consistency is to die for, super moisturising and it actually works.

  14. jazzcat (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Geranium and Clary Sage Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant! So much so, I have just purchased my second 120g jar, It has a beautiful delicate floral fragrance, it spreads really well, it doesn’t stain your clothes (BIG bonus points here), and it really works at controlling sweat and odour. Thanks so much Andrea for creating such a wonderful natural product!

  15. Jen (verified owner)

    I have been using this deodorant for a number of years now and I absolutely LOVE the scent and also it really works. I have tried many natural deodorants and this one has always been my favorite (and always will). Such a great product and I will always continue to buy this <3

  16. Emily (verified owner)

    Simply the best deodorant I have ever used! Have just reordered my 2nd jar, I won’t use anything else! Great value and customer service and the glass jar is super cute!

  17. Mia (verified owner)

    I’ve tried heaps of natural deodorants over the past couple of years and Babs is the first that doesn’t irritate my skin! Love the smell and it really works! Cannot recommend highly enough!

  18. Mietta (verified owner)

    After trying what felt like every natural deodorant on the market and ending up either smelling like an old onion or getting itchy pits, I could’t be happier to have found babs. Truly works all day, including lasting through sweaty sports. Never irritating, and has a nice gentle smell. Can’t recommend enough!

  19. Katherine

    Best natural deodorant I have ever tried! Keeps me smelling fresh even after working with animals all day! It smells amazing and is great for my sensitive skin.
    Thank you Andrea for the amazing customer service!

  20. Kat (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this deodorant for the last 2 yrs religiously! I recommend it to everyone. I love the smell and it I rely on it for hot pilates everyday (which it stands the test for!)
    Amazing Amazing Amazing

  21. Christine Di Muccio

    I’ve used this deodorant for a couple of years. It’s reliable, smells great, simple application and works! I didn’t want to keep buying commercial roll-ons or pump sprays. It feels wonderful and I’ve tried a lot of natural products. Highly recommend!

  22. officialmadicarter

    As someone who has ran the natural deodorant marathon, this one is an absolute winner! I’ve tried other brands before finding Babs, they discoloured my skin and pitted into little deodorant balls throughout the day. So no fun. But Babs’ recipe is perfect, it’s never reacted with my skin or balled during use. It doesn’t lose its beautiful scent throughout the day, and even survives well in my hot tropical climate. This product is so good many of my own friends have now started using it themselves and there is nothing else I would recommend!

  23. David Greenwood (verified owner)

    I’ve been using deodorant for nearly 2 years, and it is excellent. Not only does it smell good, it works fantastically. Recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, and with all the humidity and heat, it works. Highly recommended

  24. Matilda (verified owner)

    The only natural deodorant that actually works for me. I apply it once every morning before work and literally never smell even though I am quite active at my job. Highly recommend.

  25. Kelly (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this deodorant from the simply beautiful easy to use jar, to how little you need and the subtle delicious smell. Plus the deodorant actually works and it is all I have used for the last 12+ months!

  26. Anna (verified owner)

    It really works! Smells lovely and is nice on skin.

  27. Andrea McMeekin (verified owner)

    Best deodorant ever!!! Have been using for years now and tried many other natural brands, this is hands down the best. I’ve got my 12 yo daughter using it too now!!

  28. Elisabeth Lloyd (verified owner)

    Have used other natural deodorants but they have irritated my skin and don’t last the distance through a good gym session/hot day… this Babs one is amazing! I Have been using continuously for almost 6 months and no irritation, lasts through an Aussie summer day and gym session and smells so nice and feminine! Love it and won’t use anything else!

  29. Cheryl Jones

    Absolutely love the deodorant best change I have made is so much better than the shop bought deodorant Thank you so much Cheryl

  30. Maggie (verified owner)

    My go to deodorant!
    Works so good. I love how it comes in a cute jar as well.

  31. Sophia (verified owner)

    Best natural deodorant! Easy to apply and the jar lasts ages. It also doesn’t irritate but still works amazingly!! Highly recommend

  32. Alicia Rusk (verified owner)

    Love this natural bi-carb free deodorant. Works great, no body odour and nice fresh scent. I’ve used a few natural deodorant but they have all had bicarb which irritates a little- babs has been the best with no irritation. Thanks

  33. Chloe (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Babs deodorant for years now and it is the best deodorant I’ve ever used. I’m a big fan and will be a lifetime customer. My favourite is the Geranium and Clary Sage one. Thanks so much Babs for creating such an incredible product. Life Changing!

  34. Thea (verified owner)

    The only natural deodorant that smells amazing and actually works, even in Summer at a gym class, there’s still no BO! Have tried a lot of different deodorants and have come back to this one. Such a good find!

  35. Jordan (verified owner)

    Sniff good, smear good, good good. But in all seriousness it’s a great natural deodorant that’s easy to use and has a excellent smell, lasts all day.

  36. Ruby (verified owner)

    Best deodorant EVER! It actually works and smells great, highly recommend!!

  37. Melissa (verified owner)

    Lovely to find a natural deodorant that is easy to use, smells awesome, keeps me dry and is made of natural and friendly ingredients. Thank you!

  38. Chloe (verified owner)

    Hands down the best natural deodorant I’ve used. Products with bi-carb were really irritating my skin. This bi-carb free option is seemingly just as effective for me, but without the irritation. Smells great. Have converted a number of family members and friends, too!

  39. Ash Sehkar (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this deodorant!! Doesn’t irritate my armpits at all, and works so well! Smells gorgeous and a little bit lasts the whole day! I can’t believe how well it works!

  40. Sarah (verified owner)

    I was a natural deodorant sceptic for years but that was because I hadn’t yet come across the Babs natural deodorant! Love the bicarb free one – it smells great and does the job! I’ve been using this for several years now and am so happy to have finally been able to move away from mainstream toxic deodorants. Thank you 🙂

  41. Ladylucas

    Just love this product because after always using the same product most of my life, it suddenly stopped working – oh hormones!!! But this little natural beauty solved what was becoming a really unpleasant problem, when nothing else was working! Truly brilliant and good for the environment as well!

  42. narita23 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other natural deodorants before and never had as much success as this one. Previous ones I’ve used have made me super sweaty and the smell will fade within an hour. This one is amazing in that the beautiful smell stays all day and I don’t sweat nearly as much. While it took a week of “detoxing” for my armpits to get used to the new deodorant, it was so worth it! This is my new go-to deodorant, I love it 🙂

  43. Zainab (verified owner)

    This one by far has to be my favourite deodorant. It smells amazing and leaves you smelling so good. Works so well and lasts long. So glad that I have found a natural deodorant that actually works. Also love how it leaves my skin so smooth. Love this product so much words can’t even describe. Definitely a 10/10. Thanks Babs

  44. Maxann Heald (verified owner)

    Wow! After trying various other non toxic no waste deodorants and being left with weird smells and stained armpits on my clothes, this deodorant has been a game changer. Myself and my daughters love it. Even their friends have been using it while staying with us and you know how fussy teenage girls can be!!!

  45. Eden (verified owner)

    Excellent Deodorant, the best I’ve ever used. This will now be my forever Deodorant honestly! Great smell, you hardly even need perfume to go with it. All natural, no toxic BS, and allows for my skin to breathe! xx

  46. Sophie (verified owner)

    Best natural deodorant I’ve tried! Great scent and easy to apply. Lasted me for quite a while, would definitely recommend!

  47. Carli Buhagiar (verified owner)

    The best natural deodorant I have ever used! I highly recommend it. You will absolutely love it!

  48. Jess (verified owner)

    This is the best natural deodorant i’ve tried! I sweat a lot and have struggled to find a natural deodorant that with last a full day of sweating without me ending up smelling awful. This one I can wear for a full day in Aus summer and am not smelly at all!! Love that it’s in a glass jar too – super easy to recycle and not contributing to more plastic production 🙂

  49. Alyssa (verified owner)

    The best natural deodorant by far!! (and I’ve tried many!) Doesn’t irritate my sensitive underarms, and leaves me smelling nice all day. The little jar lasted me almost a year, so it’s well worth it. Just reordered another!

  50. Anna (verified owner)

    Love, love, love!! I’ve been using this deodorant for almost a year and it’s the only one that works for me. I love the scent which doesn’t knock you out when you lift your arms with sickly sweetness. It sees me through most summer days. My sister now uses it now after my recommendation. Customer service is also fabulous.

  51. Rachel

    I bought my first deodorant of yours just recently from Valerie’s Pantry in Belmont – Geelong. Have to say, I am VERY impressed! I have been using paste for years and have tried so many different brands, and can say that yours works the best. I am a heavy sweater and get smelly pretty easy but not so with Babs! And I’ve only been using the standard one so am keen to try the charcoal one too.
    Thank you for making a lovely deodorant – it’s much appreciated from a stinky sweater like me!

  52. Sarah Windle

    I was introduced to BABS natural deo shortly after I embarked on my journey as a mother. My body odour changed and other deodorants simply were not cutting it and together with highly sensitive skin, I was desperate for something new. I was a little skeptical about changing over to a paste for practicality and convenience purposes but I have not looked back! I am pretty sure I’ve been using this deo as long as BABS have been around! It is THE BEST and mid summer when the days are hot and long and the sweat is on, BABS gets me through! I very rarely feel the need to reapply. I highly recommend BABS natural deodorant!

  53. Saffron (verified owner)

    100% recommend. So smooth and smells fantastic.

  54. Linden (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found this deodorant! It smells great and last for ages, both in terms of keeping me comfortable and the actual jar 🙂 SO so highly recommended

  55. Jax (verified owner)

    This has been a real game changer for me.. I am allergic to pretty much all deodorants.. I had found one from overseas that I could use daily but it didn’t really deoderise or help with sweat..I guess it just helped me feel less gross ! I have been using Babs deodorant for over a week now and it is so effective..I have really tested it out with some high stress zoom calls for work and a yoga session in my lounge room.. I still sweat a little which I am totally fine with, it’s healthy and normal to sweat.. but it’s way less than before. And what I really love is that my clothes and I no longer smell, and I no longer stress about being smelly and sweaty. Also, it’s so nourishing on my skin, I rub the the excess product into my cuticles. My nails and cuticles are looking better than ever.. ! This product has pretty much changed my life…I am super grateful to have found Babs and her amazing products !

  56. Bethany Loates (verified owner)

    I am not gonna lie, I was very nervous about using a natural deodorant. I have met many people that would swear they had the best natural deodorant and they were the people that you would avoid seeing on warm days or in confined spaces. I tried one company (who shall remain nameless) and it simply didn’t work and I became so self conscious that I wouldn’t raise my arms or get close to people. And then I found Babs. It is seriously the best deodorant I have ever used. Period. I know when I am wearing it I can be confident that I won’t stink out a room and that I can raise my arms and work out with confidence. Easily the best product I have found and I am excited to try the rest of the beauty range.

  57. Teina

    Best deodorant ever, no body odour and feeling fresh all day. I love the Geranium and Clary sage deodorant best product I’ve used, thanks to my sister who introduced me to your product whose a regular user of your products.

  58. Naomi (verified owner)

    “I have a skin condition in my armpits and a lovely friend of mine gifted me her Clary Sage & Geranium Deodorant sample and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s amazing.

  59. Melina

    I swear by this deodorant. All other ones make my break out in rash or pimples. This is the only one that rubs straight in, smells great and doesn’t give a reaction. Also no smell all day…

  60. Madeline Murdoch (verified owner)

    Absolutely SWEAR by this deodorant! Can’t beat it

  61. Shaye (verified owner)

    I have searched for YEARS to find a natural deodorant that works and doesn’t give me a rash. This is by far the best natural deodorant I’ve used. I teach hot sweaty yoga and this product passed the test with flying colours! I love it. Thank you!

  62. Sophie (verified owner)

    I swear by this deodorant. It was my first low tox product and hasn’t ever let me down!

  63. Georgina (verified owner)

    Love, Love, Love!!! This deodorant is the first natural one I have tried that actually works (and i’ve tried many!). I shower at night, put my deodorant on, get up, go to work for 12 hrs (in a physical job) and still not stink after! This amazing deodorant doesn’t leave residue, is non greasy, doesn’t stain clothes, absorbs beautifully and is so nourishing to the skin! The smell is lovely and floral (and feminine) without having that strong perfume stink. I have been through several pots, have converted my mum and have recommended it to many colleagues. The best way to apply is to scoop a pea sized amount out with the back of your fingernail (so it doesn’t get stuck under your fingernail), put it on your pits, leave it for a second and then massage into your pits. The best way I have found to clean your finger after is to just wipe the residue off onto a clean, dry hand towel. Easy peasy and low tox! Keep up the great work Babs!

  64. Steph (verified owner)

    Love Love Love! This is the best natural deodorant you will ever find! No more nasties on my armpits and no BO! Easy and simple to use!

  65. Charlie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this deodorant, of all the natural deodorants I have tried (and there has been a lot) yours is simply beautiful and I am stunned how amazing it works from morning till night with ballet in-between and I still smell amazing.

  66. Jenna Ramondo

    Best natural deo going around! I wear it during sweaty workouts and it works a treat. And it smells amazing! I always need a backup in the cupboard because I can’t stand going back to my other deodorants if I run out. x

  67. Mel (verified owner)

    Ive just ordered my third jar! Love that it’s natural and it keeps me feeling fresh even after a busy shift as a theatre nurse 😉

  68. Sandra Degabriele

    Best natural deodorant I have ever used! Really works and the fragrance is lovely – only problem is I have to share it with my husband as he loves it so much too! We are both very physically active people. Highly recommend!

  69. Danielle (verified owner)

    I have tried multiple natural deodorants, just when I’d almost lost hope I found this one and I absolutely love it. It keeps me fresh all day, even throughout a sweaty workout. The best natural deodorant I have come across. It also doesn’t irritate the skin and doesn’t leave residue all over your clothes. I will definitely continue to buy this product.

  70. Melanie (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this deodorant. I discovered Babs deodorant many years ago now and have not used anything else since. This scent is a particular favourite. The product is natural, effective and plastic free so ticks all the boxes which are a priority for me. As it lasts me so long I haven’t generated a lot of empty jars and have been able to repurpose the ones I’ve had so far.

    I highly recommend this deodorant and have told anyone who asks about a deodorant to try Babs. Thanks Andrea for such a wonderful product.

  71. Daniella (verified owner)

    There is no chance I will ever buy a deodorant from another brand. I absolutely love Babs body care and cannot fault it – this particular product keeps you smelling fresh all day. As a bonus, it has massively reduced my excessive sweating by more than 50% I’d say. This has been an ongoing issue where I would avoid wearing any coloured tops (terrible). I can finally say that I do not need to worry about sweaty underarms and can confidently wear colours other than black!
    I am so grateful, thank you!

  72. Laura (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! This is the only natural deodorant that actually works and doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin.

  73. Alanah McKellar (verified owner)

    I fricken love this deodorant! I actually can’t believe IT WORKS! I love spreading it on with my hands. I feel like the underarms are such a taboo area and it’s nice to connect with that part of my body!! I will never use another deodorant!

  74. Renee Nechwatal (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with this deodorant!!!
    Second time I have bought it now and I won’t go back. I have tried so many other natural deodorants and nothing has worked well for me and I needed to apply SO many times throughout the day. Babs I only apply twice during the day or when I work out. It doesn’t leave any stains on your tops and I love that it comes in a glass jar. Goodbye plastic.
    Love love love this product.

  75. Elle Perring (verified owner)

    This is legitimately the only natural deodorant that actually works – BUY THIS!!!
    Also fantastic to see a product that doesn’t use plastic – big tick from me. Love ya work!

  76. Denise (verified owner)

    I bought the sample pack because I have tried a lot of natural deodorants, many of which haven’t been very effective or have given me a rash from the bicarb. This one is really effective for me and I like the smell. So happy I tried it out.

  77. Stacey (verified owner)

    A friend got me into ordering this deodorant and I’m so glad she did. It smells just beautiful and I’m super impressed how well it works. I have used many natural deodorants and this one is definitely the best I’ve used. Love that it is also Bi carb free.

  78. Thea (verified owner)

    This deodorant is life changing, I’m onto my second pot now and am amazed by how well it works every time I put it on! It’s smells amazing and have now bought a couple for my mum and sisters to have as they tried some when staying with me and loved it! A+ product and customer service every time 🌟

  79. Hannah (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant! I can’t believe how long it lasts, it’s been months and I’m still nowhere near needing to repurchase. It is more effective than the “clinical protection, 48 hour” deo that I was using before yours was reccomened to me, and I often put yours on before bed and find it keeps me dry right through to the next night. I never knew that a natural deodorant could work this well, and I love the scent too, it’s something I would definitely choose for myself in a perfume, so I’m looking forward to trying out the new perfume line as well!

  80. Joanna (verified owner)

    The first time I wore this deodorant was on 32 degree day, and to my surprise – it worked wonders!! I’ve never used a natural deodorant that works for longer than about 6 hours, especially whilst sweating profusely on a hot day (I could still smell the beautiful scent). I also have very sensitive skin and had no issues whatsoever. Will be recommending this fabulous vegan, natural deodorant to all my friends and family! 🙂

  81. Celeste (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the bicarb free deodorant! I’ve been using it for a few months and it is so gentle on my skin and more effective than any other natural deodorant I’ve used before. Would highly recommend this!

  82. Jess Waters (verified owner)

    ive been using the natural bi-carb free deodorant now for 2 weeks and am absolutely loving it! it comes in a glass jar, its easy to apply, has given me no reactions, doesnt stain my clothes, and lasts all day! ive just been overseas in koh samui where it was hot and humid – perfect time to test it out, and im absolutely stoked with the results! i would highly recommend this deodorant to anyone looking to switch over to a chemical free, all natural deodorant! Thanks Andrea and Babs bodycare! xxx

  83. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few different natural deodorants and this one is the best one I’ve used. It smells divine, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and lasts all day. It absorbs in seconds and feels so nice to apply right after a shower. Highly recommend!

  84. Denni (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant
    Husband does too
    Works perfectly and love I can buy in a big glass jar- lasts me half the year!

  85. Jayde (verified owner)

    This is the only deodorant I will ever use!!! The smell is unreal and a little bit goes such a long way! It is so easy to apply and you dont need to reapply it throughout the day. It doesnt irritate my skin and feels so light on. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!

  86. Lisa (verified owner)

    Purchased this deodorant after trying it in the sample pack. This is the best natural deodorant I have tried by far – super effective & love the scent. Highly recommend…

  87. Lorena (verified owner)

    Loving this deodorant! No irritation for the sensitive skin I have and I can go a whole day not needing to reapply. Does its job well, especially after training, I don’t have to worry about any post workout odours. Top notch!

  88. Sam Fox

    The best deodorant I have ever used and looks like it will last me at least a year so I wanted to get one to keep at work. I was looking for an ethical deo that was also plastic free – I was expecting that I would need to sacrifice some efficacy but it has really surpassed all my expectations of how a deodorant could be! It feels like I’m not wearing anything right after putting it on, will never mark my clothes and at the end of the day I don’t smell (even after doing spin classes).

  89. Camila (verified owner)

    A little pricey but I have not found a better natural deodorant. I have tested MANY. I love this product.

  90. Renae (verified owner)

    After struggling with what can only be called “tang” since high school, I turned to natural deodorant as a potential solution.

    After pit detoxing with apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay, I started the process of finding a natural deodorant that actually works.

    After trying no fewer than 16 different products, I found Babs – and wow what a difference!

    Whilst a number of the other deodorants had some success with mitigating odour, I wasn’t 100% happy for various reasons. Either they were too wet, left too much residue, the product’s own smell was overpowering, or what started as a sweet scent turned sour by the end of the day.

    Babs changed all of that. With a beautiful light scent, it doesn’t feel wet and leaves no/minimal residue. Better yet, there isn’t a trace of body odour during the day and I don’t need to reapply (which given I live in Cairns and am outside a lot is no mean feat).

    I couldn’t recommend Babs natural deodorant highly enough – in fact I’ve already ordered some for my sister!

  91. Shelby

    The best natural deodorant that I have tried! Does not completely prevent sweating, but when you do sweat, covers any body odor smell with the beautiful geranium and clary sage smell. Mild scent but pleasant and does not irritate! Highly recommend.

  92. Ishita (verified owner)

    So happy with this product. Feels and smells beautiful against my skin. Had been looking for a natural deodorant for so long and glad to have found this product. Big thumbs up!

  93. Rachael C (verified owner)

    I’ve tried SO many natural deodorants and Babs is my new go to! For starters – it works! Very important 🙂 But it also smells divine, isn’t greasy so doesn’t stain my clothes and the bicarb free formula doesn’t irritate my pits. Win win win!
    To top it all off, the customer service is exceptional.

  94. Dee Baranski (verified owner)

    It has been great to find a natural deodorant that works for the whole family. Especially after having terrible luck with others and having laser treatment my sensitivity was quite high, the soothing formula of Babs has been god send.
    Thank you for a fantastic product!

  95. Enjaye (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant. It goes on easy, doesn’t stain & smells sensational.

  96. Mim

    I’ve made assortments of DIY homemade deodorants to reduce the unnecessary chemicals I use on my body, and none of them worked nearly as well as this one. I was sceptical at first but a friend gave me one of the small jars and it’s honestly very good, and will basically keep me smelling fine the entire day. Also even the small jar I’m using has lasted ages. You only need to use a tiny bit – I’ve been using it for about 6 months and I’ve barely used a quarter of the jar.
    The only thing I would add is in cold climates it hardens up, but I just breathe into the jar and couple of times and it melts the top layer down enough for it to be useable again

  97. Carolina (verified owner)

    2 weeks in and loving it! The smell and the feel, divine. I was a bit ughh with the idea of having to do rub it with my hands but honestly I’ve come to love it. Even THAT is delicious and all part of my morning sensory experience now!

  98. Ellen (verified owner)

    The deodorant is the best!! I’m quite physical at work and it keeps me completely fresh – all day.

  99. Karen

    I am so happy to have found this deodorant! It is superior to any other bi-carb free deodorants I have tried. It not only works really well, but I love that it doesn’t change consistency with the weather as much as some other natural deodorants do. Also I think it is the best value for money out there. And it smells really nice, but not overpowering. Love it!

  100. Bree (verified owner)

    It works!!! Love the bi card free option as my skin reacts to it and IT WORKS! Thank you x

  101. Lucienne Noontil

    Great, natural product. I don’t smell and my clothes don’t either! Works a treat.

  102. Debby

    Love the deodorant it’s amaxing , smells amazing , I even had comments saying I smell nice

    The hand cream is fantastic as well

    Keep up the good work Andrea

    I will never buy commercial deodorant again

  103. Anne (verified owner)

    Babs Geranium and Clary Sage Deodorant is the best toxin free deodorant I have found. It works even after a gym workout and smells fantastic.

  104. Lucy

    Absolutely amazing! It lasts the whole day and it lasts through my 2-2.5 hour workouts without any smell! Love it!

  105. Gemma

    The only natural deodorant that doesn’t give me a rash and actually keeps me smelling fresh ALL day!!

  106. Sacha (verified owner)

    I love the original bicarb free deodorant. It smells divine & is excellent for my sensitive skin. I apply it after my shower & on most days it will last the whole 24 hrs without re applying, so great for a natural deodorant!

  107. Roslyn

    Babs Geranium and Clary Sage Deodorant is the BOMB! There really is no other way to describe it 🙂 While trying to take care of my health I found out about Babs Bodycare and haven’t looked back, I smell better than I ever have with chemical deodorants and I know what I am putting on my skin isn’t going to affect me negatively. Try it, you won’t be sorry!

  108. Grace (verified owner)

    I love your deo paste! I have tried so many different types of chemical free and natural deodorants and nothing works like Babs!

  109. Sophie (verified owner)

    I received my order and I am LOVING the deodorant. Honestly the best deodorant I’ve ever used. If I shower in the morning and then don’t shower until the following morning I find that it still holds up even over such a long period of time.

  110. Alix

    I love the bicarb free deodorant! It’s by far the best natural deodorant I’ve used, in all respects. I feel like I’m sweating less, the beautiful scent sticks around for a while and best of all, no skin irritation. A massive winner in my book and it’s definitely now my staple deodorant.

  111. Natasha (verified owner)

    Stop looking for another natural deo! A beautiful and subtle natural scent, doesn’t irritate, so easy to use, and you only need a small amount so it will last you a long time!

  112. Shelley (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant! I’ve used so many natural deodorants and reacted to them (I have sensitive skin), or they haven’t worked, but babs is amazing – stops any smelling, is a beautiful texture, smells amazing and is gentle on my skin!

  113. Egle (verified owner)

    Very happy with this deodorant.
    I am a big fan of Babs products! Thank you 🙂

  114. Justine (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other natural deodorants and none have been as effective as this. The floral fragrance is amazing too!

  115. Morvarid (verified owner)

    This Bicarb free deodorant is simply amazing! I have been struggling for years to find a deodorant which is rash free and still remains pleasant after a long day.Thanks Andrea!

  116. Charlie

    I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and none seem to work. But FINALLY your one does!!

  117. Chloe (verified owner)

    This deodorant is amazing, not only does it work so well for both everyday wear & hiit training but it also smells great.

  118. Georgia Ellis

    We are loving our deodorants!!! They are amazing!
    I also haven’t had any rashes which is great! I use mine first thing in the morning before the gym & then once again after showering after the gym & I find that this is plenty!

    Would definitely recommend your product as the best natural deodorant I have tried.

  119. Tarsha Jago (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant! Smells fresh and calming and really works!! Passed the sport test too!

  120. Lucy (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product, I have had reactions to so many natural deoderants and this not only works (better than conventional aluminium filled products) but it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin!

  121. Boronia (verified owner)

    So happy with this deodorant – keeps me smelling lovely and no sad irritated underarms from bi-carb! I was gutted when I had to stop using the citrus deodorant, so was super happy to see a bi-carb free option.

  122. Maria (verified owner)

    This deodorant is simply amazing! Love the fact that it’s completely natural, made locally in Australia and you can get it in a vegan formula. It works a treat and also moisturises the skin really well – definitely try it if you’re looking for a natural solution that actually works! I’ve been sharing my Babs secret with family and friends and everyone just loves it!

  123. Adele (verified owner)

    Love this deodorant. Love that it’s natural and smells lovely and works!

  124. AMANDA ONEIL (verified owner)

    I love the Bicarb free deodorant and it’s ingredients.
    It doesn’t make my armpits itch and keeps me dry all day long. It feels really nice when you put it on your skin. Thank you Andrea

  125. Ruby

    Tried a sample of this deodorant and will definitely be ordering a full one! Lasts the whole day and is very soft on the skin, love it!

  126. Jacintha Akkerman

    Love love this deodorant. I have used soooo many other brands and end up stinky. This one is ace. Thanks Andrea xoxo

  127. Kerry Marshall-Ryan

    I really love this deodorant with it’s delightful and light fragrance. Applied at night it lasts easily over the next day when I workout and then take the dogs for a hard hour walk. Thanks for creating this Andrea. It’s brilliant.

  128. Wendy (verified owner)

    I used to use the citrus deodorant but since using this geranium and sage bi carb free one I am so very happy. The scent is really lovely and I find that I don’t need to reapply it during the day. It feels nice on my skin and I constantly tell others how good it is. Thanks for your natural products and I am a huge fan.

  129. Leigh

    After trying a sample from a “goodie bag” – I’m head over heels in love. I’ve been using natural deodorants for quite a few years and would always break out in a rash or find myself smelling of BO by the end of the day. I can happily say with my hand on my heart – no rash and no BO with this little beauty. I absolutely love it.

  130. Mel

    A friend gave me a sample pot a few weeks ago and I used it before spending a sweaty Saturday afternoon and night at the Foo Fighters concert.
    On the train ride home I sniffed my pits – as you do and voila – still fresh!
    It works really well and the bicarb free is much better for my sensitive pits 🙂

  131. Riina

    The first natural deo that I can say I am 100% happy with. Does not irritate skin, smells lovely, lasts long and does the job. Specifically appreciate the packaging – no plastic in sight. Will keep on ordering after leaving Australia. Please don’t stop producing it!

  132. Sarah Windle

    Words cannot describe the elation I felt (no exaggeration here! ?) when I received a sample of this bicarb free deo with my Babs order. I was and still am blown away by how amazing and fresh this feels on application, the scent is beautiful BUT more importantly, application in the morning does me at least 8-10hrs and that is in the summer heat we’ve been experiencing on the Central Coast of NSW this year. Sadly I was allergic to the original babs deo and now this has arrived, I am over the moon that my entire daily cleansing regime is not only natural but I am able to support one of my fave small biz with another exceptional product that I love even more! This bicarb free deo is perfect and I will never look back! I highly recommend this product. Well done Andrea! ❤️ Can’t wait to see what comes next ?

  133. Alannah

    I’m an absolute convert to this amazing new product! I’m a long time user of the tea tree deoderant (which I still love!) But this one is my favourite. The scent is gorgeous, and I’m complemented so often on it! It lasts all day for me walking around at work. It feels so nice, and leaves my pits so smooth and moisturised too. I love it!!!!

  134. Bec

    Having been a massive fan of all things Babs since I first tried their wonderful tea tree deodorant, I was super keen to check out this new, bi-carb free deodorant. To say I love it is an understatement! It is light, fresh, smells amazing and has passed the test everyday in the Summer heatwave. My husbands sensitive pits are also big fans of this deodorant now too, so the only downside is now I have to share with him!

  135. Eddie

    LOVE this deodorant and so do my super sensitive armpits! Totally recommend to anyone. It’s the most effective deodorant that I have ever used!

  136. Kate

    If I could give this 6 stars out of 5 I would. Highly recommend. Applying deodorant every morning is now a treat. Scent is great and from a ‘sweaty’ person: it really works.

  137. Carlie

    WOW, where to start! I LOVE this product…… I have been waiting for a natural bi-carb free deodorant to come out for a while, and it was worth the wait! Love the scent, the whole day protection and that it is locally made and owned. Thank you Andrea for developing this lil beauty – it passed the ‘3 rounds of 1000 Steps’ on a steaming day!

  138. Issy

    This deodorant just passed the ‘gym on a 40 degree day’ test (thanks for making bicarbonate free!!).

  139. Hanna

    I’ve been a fan of Babs products for a while now. After loving the tea tree but having a reaction to the bi-carb I was stoked to see Babs put out another option. I love it!!! This is my second round of it and I’m grateful to not have to keep looking for a natural deodorant that actually works. This is my go-to and I can’t recommend it enough! Some days I need to reapply but that’s rare. Lovely scent. Well done Andrea and Matt!

  140. Rosie

    I have to admit, I’m a HUGE fan of the tea tree deodorant and was skeptical about how this one would compare. Floral fragrances are usually a migraine trigger for me and I wasn’t sure whether magnesium would be as effective as bicarb. Turns out my fears were unwarranted. This deodorant smells gorgeous and natural even after a long hot day. A new favourite, for sure!

  141. Nat

    So excited to find a natural deodorant that smells amazing and doesn’t irritate…love your work x

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