Jade Roller


Jade rollers have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine treatments and are a great addition to your beauty routine.

Jade has a cooling effect and these beauty tools can improve circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, detoxify, depuff, promote collagen production, improve elasticity and enhance skin tone and overall complexion.

  • Helps with better absorption of serum or oil
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes circulation
  • Relieves tension and blockages
  • Depuffs
  • Improves elasticity & overall complexion

NOTE: Jade rollers are individual in colour and pattern and this batch are a very light yellow green colour.

You can find a lot of information on YouTube but I like how this one explains the difference between Jade roller and Gua sha.

Jade Rollers are best used on freshly cleansed and moisturised skin.
Use the roller in upward motion, from the middle of the face out to the hair line. Use after moisturising, applying your serum or face oil or use the roller on top of your sheet mask to help the product penetrate the epidermis.

To use: working with a gentle pressure, on moisturised skin, start at the neck and roll upwards. Moving to the centre of the chin, roll up to the ear, cheek, eye and forehead. Use upward and outward strokes, rolling out to your hair line. Repeat 6-10 times in each section.

Tip – For an extra cooling sensation place in fridge for 20min before use.

Clean – Use a gentle soap and warm water to wash after each use.


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