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Gua Sha is a traditional tool used in Chinese medicine treatments on the body and face. The tool is applied against the skin with light pressure in an upwards motion. Using a Gua Sha works to increase circulation & collagen production and can be quite a relaxing ritual. With regular use you may see a healthier & brighter complexion as well as an improvement in skin that is plumper, firmer with a more even skin tone.

Benefits include:

  • Increases blood flow & circulation
  • Promotes elasticity & collagen production
  • Plumps & firms
  • Brighter complexion & even skin tone
  • Improves lymphatic drainage & detoxification
  • Relieves tension & remove blockages

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Gua Sha can be used at the end of your skin care routine 2-3 times a week and works best when applied to skin that is moisturised.
(Tip: applying a little more face oil works well to ensure the Gua Sha runs effortlessly along the skin)

Using a firm but gentle pressure, moving in an upwards & outwards motion, start at the top of the jaw, under the ear and scrape downwards to the collar bone. Do this on both sides to help open the lymphatic channels. Then working your way up in the middle of your neck up to the chin. Moving to the chin, using the heart shaped edge, start in the middle and slide the Gua Sha outwards along the jaw line to the ear. Repeat 6-10 times in each section moving from the neck, to chin, cheek, up the face to the forehead.

For lines and wrinkles, hold skin firmly & use the end of the gua sha as an “eraser”, working the Gua Sha into the “valley” of the line or wrinkle.

Redness will start to appear as you proceed and this is a sign of the blood flow and circulation. Be mindful as you do want a little colour appearing however keep pressure lighter rather than firmer to prevent bruising.

Cleaning: Use a gentle soap and warm water to wash after each use.

There are several YouTube videos on how to use these tools but I do like this one.

If you’re interested to find out more regarding these ancient Chinese medicine tools and treatments read here.

1 review for Jade Gua Sha

  1. ZB (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gimmick to get the free postage, gave it a go following the instructions here and now I’m a convert. I’ve been telling everyone about this humble little tool that makes such a difference. I’m using it day and night because I can’t get enough of the benefits. It removes that face puffiness you get in the morning, helps your face oil soak in so you feel it really working and it seems to have a bit of a slimming effect (maybe because it’s removing the puffiness or water retention?). I’ve also noticed less breakouts since using it. Also a super relaxing way to start and end the day, a little face massage that has some really visible benefits.

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