Facial Exfoliant Scrub & Mask


A fine blend of vitamin rich plant & clay powders gently work to cleanse, remove dull and dead skin cells to reveal youthful, glowing skin.

Antioxidant packed Kakadu Plum and Rice powder work to brighten, purify and even skin tone. Silica rich bamboo promotes and maintains healthy skin. Yellow Australian Clay sloughs away dead skin, draws out impurities leaving skin tightened and toned.

Rich in vitamin B and C this exfoliating polish can be left on the skin as a mask, to help brighten and strengthen the skin’s connective tissues. Leave for 5 minutes after exfoliating and remove with warm water.

Application: Mix 1-2 teaspoons with equal parts water (Babs Face Mist works well and 1-2 pumps of Babs Facial Cleansing Oil) to create a wet paste. Apply to clean skin and gently rub in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water. Tone and moisturise as normal.

Perfect for all skin types but especially suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Packaged in glass bottle with aluminum lid

Capacity: 45g

Application: Mix 1-2 teaspoons with equal parts water (Babs Face Mist works well and 1-2 pumps of Babs Facial Cleansing Oil) to create a wet paste. Apply to clean skin and gently rub in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water. Tone and moisturise as normal.

To use as mask follow the above steps but leave on skin for 2-5 minutes before rinsing off. Applying just before or once in the shower is a very easy way to allow the mask to work.

Ingredients – Oryza sativa(Rice powder), Montmorillonite, Quartz, Anatase(Yellow Australian Clay), Bambusa arundinacea(Fine Bamboo powder), Terminalia ferdinandiana(Kakadu plum powder)

Rice powder – Used for centeries by Geisha’s to give a clear, bright complexion. Gently exfoliates to remove dry and dead skin

Yellow Australain clay – Aids in exfolianting and deeply cleansing skin. Has the ability to tone and strengthen connective tissues while gently detoxing and stimulates circulation to nourish skin

Bamboo powder – Fine exfoliant, high in silica which aids in maintaining skin health, tone and smoothness

Kakadu Plum – Kakadu Plum powder contains a high percentage of vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant and may aid to boost collagen production.

15 reviews for Facial Exfoliant Scrub & Mask

  1. Nat

    Easy to use and smells divine, my face feels amazing! Thanks so much, I feel so pampered! x

  2. Kate

    Best facial exfoliant or scrub I’ve ever used. Leaves my skin feeling softer than I could imagine, blackheads have decreased, and no breakouts at all since I started using this product. I’ve tried masks before that really cause my skin to react and this was nothing like that. Dream product

  3. Krystal

    After using the scrub and facial cleansing oil for the last few days my skin is loving it. It’s just so nice on my skin and has definitely made it more rejuvenated!!
    It feels soft and is glowing. My friend even said my skin looks great. My husband is also using it and loving it!

  4. Natalie

    Love this! Have tried many a exfoliator and this is the best ive come across. Skin always feels amazing after and paired with the face mask afterwards my skin feels like new. Cannot reccomend highly enough!

  5. Meisha (verified owner)

    Got a sample of this at the last Handmade Market in Canberra and have already ordered a bottle! It’s the best combination of exfoliation (but not too harsh) and restoration (I mix it with the cleansing oil which is the BEST thing I’ve ever used) , leaving my skin smooth and supple. Another great Babs find that will become a mainstay in my (very relaxed, non-fuss) regime. Highly recommend everyone try it or at least get a sample to give it a go!

  6. Prue

    This face exfoliate is the bomb! I have very dry flakey skin and this scrub paired with the rest of the skin care range has been amazing. It’s gentle on your skin but scrubey enough that it moves your dry skin leaving your face feeling extra smooth! Would definitely recommend giving this scrub a go especially if you have really dry skin because it helps remove the flakey skin but doesn’t dry our your face like other products can! LOVE IT!

  7. Beck Johnson

    Absolutely the best scrub I’ve used! So gentle but works so well. Leaves my skin so soft and smooth afterwards!

  8. Chloe

    The best facial exfoliant I have ever used, my face felt so soft after just the first use. I received this product as a sample & will be buying the product when I make my next order

  9. Latara Ingram (verified owner)

    The best exfoliant I’ve ever used. My husband had since fallen in love too. My skin feels incredibly soft after using this scrub especially paired with the facial oil! Amazing!

  10. Pip

    This scrub is the best! Mixed with babs cleansing oil, it makes my dry sad skin look and feel extremely smooth and clear. I use it a few times a week.

  11. Emily (verified owner)

    My face has been so flaky and dry this winter that I thought I was almost becoming a snake shedding a layer of its skin … that was until I tried this exfoliant! It’s the bomb! After one use my face was smooth and clear of dryness. Couldn’t believe it!

  12. Tamsin (verified owner)

    I love this scrub. Not only does it make my skin feel wonderful but it’s really nice to know I’m using a totally non-toxic product.

  13. Lisa Lo Monaco (verified owner)

    I received a sample of the facial exfoliant at the finders keepers market and I loved it so much that I had to buy it. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I have very sensitive skin and it’s one of the few exfoliants I can use. Love a great natural product!!

  14. Lee

    I love this product! I can use it of an evening and notice the benefits the next morning. It’s my secret weapon against blemishes and makes my skin feel soft and smooth!

  15. Tamara (verified owner)

    This is my second order of the face exfoliant. The clay seems to lift the oil straight off. Think Ive finally found what I need.

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