Essential Face Pack


This daily essential face pack has all you need for nourished glowing skin.

Facial Cleansing Oil gently removes make up, dirt and pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural oils
Rose and Geranium Face Mist tones, balances and hydrates skin
Face Oil is used as a daily moisturiser to plump, nourish, fight signs of ageing, heal blemishes and lock in moisture

Leaves skin nourished, soft and clean.

Our face pack includes

1 x 50ml Facial Cleansing Oil & Make Up Remover
1 x 100ml Rose & Geranium Face Mist Toner
1 x 30ml Rosehip & Hemp seed Face Oil Daily Moisturiser

8 reviews for Essential Face Pack

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    I am getting some more cleanser, face oil and spritzer. My skin is loving the oils, it really helps hydrate older skin, thanks, Andrea

  2. Kaisa

    Thank you for my Face Pack too. I do think the cleansing oil, the spray mist and the face oil work well when used together.

    Winter is very drying on my skin so they help keep my skin healthy and looking it’s best.

  3. Casey (verified owner)

    I can not speak highly enough about these products. I have REALLY oily skin I was a little bit hesitant to then try oily products but thankgod I did. My skin has never looked and felt better its super soft, hydrated & my oily complexion is kept to a minimum now! Plus the biggest upside is good-bye harsh toxic chemicals so its a win for my hormones and the planet.

  4. Ellen

    I am really loving all your products I’m using! I’m using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I’m nearly 40 but this keeps my skin hydrated and soft. I won’t lie – I was worried about using 2 oil products but I won’t be able to go back now! My skin truly feels the best it has in years.
    Thank you so much for such great quality products, and your amazing customer service.

  5. Luella (verified owner)

    I buy this pack because the results have been amazing. My skin feels hydrated and clear and I love that it is free from chemicals and synthetic substances. About 1x a week/fortnight I use the exfoliation facial product which is excellent!

  6. Evie Papigiotis

    I just wanted to let you know that since July when I came to visit you at the Finders Keepers market and subsequently made a purchase of your products, my skin has NEVER been better! I used to avoid oils and only used cleansers that foamed – never again! I love all the products I purchased (three pack of face mist, face oil and oil cleanser) and even though my skin was quite clear to begin with, I have not had a single pimple pop up – since JULY! I also was given a sample of the pink clay mask which I adore too. Next purchase; the deodorant! Keep up the excellent work, I love supporting local, amazing brands.

  7. Meg Fitzgibbon

    My skin has never been better since switching from chemical filled moisturisers to Babs! I have had terribly red cheeks and broken capillaries on my cheeks since I can remember, but since using Babs for a month or so I have noticed a significant difference in their appearance. It has been amazing.

  8. Meisha

    I met you and your awesome products at the Canberra Handmade market this year! I was feeling very blurgh and on the lookout for a game-changer. I’ll be honest and say the idea of layering oil-based products sounded like a disaster but the price point was good and I needed to try something different as everything wasn’t doing it for me. So I walked away with the cleanser, facial oil and toner. I was only going to get the face oil because anytime I hear “they work better together” I always think it’s mainly to increase the sale. But I’m so glad I did because I find the face oil is not the same without the cleanser. Everything works awesomely and I’ve been super happy with the products. Living in Canberra the air is so dry and most winters my face looks a mess. But your products are brilliant! I’ve never been so excited to clean my face!!

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