Coffee and Cacao Scrub

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This delicious, stimulating and antioxidant packed scrub will exfoliate dry and dead skin away, increase circulation and reduce the appearance of any lumps and bumps, leaving you with smooth, toned skin.

Think coffee, chocolate, orange. Yum!



  • Exfoliates dead and dry skin to reveal soft smooth skin
  • Deeply moisturising with botanical oils
  • Tones, smooths and refines skin

Coffee (Coffea robusta seed powder), Himalayan rock salt (Sodium chloride), Brown sugar (Sucrose), Rice Bran oil (Oryza sativa), *Theobroma cacao powder, Grape seed oil (Vitis Vinifera), essential oils of *orange and *grapefruit

Application – Take a small handful and rub gently but firmly onto damp skin, but be sure to step out from under the running water.

Rub in circular motions over your body targeting problem and dry areas. Rinse with warm water.
If you feel a little too much oil is left on your skin, gently wash off with soap. Use twice a a week.

5 reviews for Coffee and Cacao Scrub

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I’ve used this scrub a couple of times and it smells amazing and makes my skin so so soft!! Love using it on a weekend as a treat. Would make a nice gift too.

  2. Tam

    Nice product, a little messy when using but the oils in the product leave skin feeling hydrated and soft

  3. Louise

    I can’t believe how great my skin feels after the body scrub. I treated myself to a Saturday night spa night for my first use of the coffee and cacao scrub and it was just wonderful.

  4. Janice T

    I was given this scrub as a gift and as I’m not really a ‘scrub’ user, I’d put off giving it a whirl. To say that I am pleasantly surprised by this product is an huge understatement. It’s excellent, I love it and if it were acceptable to coat myself in it for the day just to smell its scrumptious coffee and citrus aroma alone, I’d wear it proudly, like a bodysuit. Yes, it’s somewhat messy to apply but it washes away easily. My skin is glowing and smells divine.

  5. Di Byron

    Have just come out of the shower after using this scrub, and am amazed – again! It makes a helluva mess that just washes straight away without leaving any oily residue in the shower (my pet hate with scrubs). More importantly, my skin looks and feels like I’ve spent the day at a health spa, which I really need at the end of winter. It’s just magic. I’m ordering it for Christmas for everyone I know.

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