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Babs Bodycare natural deodorants are an effective and healthier way to keep you smelling fresh and feeling dry without the harmful toxic ingredients.

Our organic deodorants are effective, non-toxic, healthy and a sustainable alternative to antiperspirants.  Suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin or the stinkiest of pits.   Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym, playing footy, have stressful days at work or want something to stand up to long hot summer days.


Using botanical ingredients rich in antibacterial properties which work by eliminating and preventing bacteria that causes body odour. A blend of plant powders absorb and control sweat to keep pits dry. Nourishing fair trade, shea & cacao butters moisturise to keep skin soft and healthy.

All Babs Bodycare natural deodorants are aluminium free and made in Australia. Made with only natural and organic ingredients that come in glass jars, with infinitely recyclable plastic free lids. Our natural deodorants are shipped out in cardboard boxes with recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Shop all bicarb and bicarb free natural deodorants below.


“The best natural deodorant that I have tried!” – Shelby

“I’ve tried other natural deodorants and none have been as effective as this.” – Justine

“Absolutely amazing! It lasts the whole day and it lasts through my 2-2.5 hour workouts without any smell! Love it!”-Lucy

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