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We technically say goodbye to summer next week and it certainly feels like Autumn is on it’s way.  Now’s a great time to give our sun kissed bodies a little extra TLC between seasons and to maintain that healthy summer glow. 

Getting regular sunshine on our skin is really important to so many aspects of our health. It gives us a dose of Vitamin D and serotonin, along with helping boost our mood and improve sleep patterns.  However summer sun, beach days and hanging pool side, even with regular sunscreen application, can certainly take their toll on our skin.


Here are a few tips to care for our sun kissed skin, now and into the cooler months for happy glowing skin.


1. Simplicity

During summer I love keeping things simple. My routine is pretty simple, cleanse, mist, serum and oil! 
My go to is using Babs Jojoba Oil or Olive Squalane that can double up as both a face and body moisturiser.  Easy to take with me travelling, weekends away or days at the beach.   

2. Consistency  

Having a simple routine makes it easier to be consistent.  Cleansing is at the top of the list to be consistent with and double cleanse at night – this helps remove sunscreen, salt, chlorine, makeup, dirt etc.  It also creates a great base for your products to ensure your skin gets the most out of them to feed, nourish and repair.

3. Hydration

Both internally and topically.  The sun, heat and wind can be drying, so keeping fluids up while out in the sunshine is important.  I’ve taken to adding a little pinch of good quality mineral rich salt to my water to aid in hydration.
Topically – using face mists and hydrating serums, give cells a big ‘drink of water’ which gets locked in by your nourishing and moisturising face oils.

4. Exfoliate

Both the face and body.  Regular exfoliation 1 – 2 times a week, removes dry, dull skin, clears pores to reveal a clear complexion and healthy skin.
(Never exfoliate if you’re skins seen too much sun.  Keep showers cool and apply body oils to moisturise and nourish until skin is calm and healed).

5. Cold Showers
Hot showers can strip the skin of it’s natural oils and moisture, leaving skin dry and even irritated.  By keeping the shower water temperature warm to cool can help retain moisture and keep skin supple.  Cold blasting or cold showers have a huge range of benefits from increased energy and improved mental clarity, it can also strengthen our immune system and even reduce inflammation – you can find the blog with more information here. 

And now’s the perfect time to start this daily habit, while the weather is still warm and see the benefits for yourself.


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