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Throughout the year we get a few emails about deodorants getting a bit grainy or that the texture is not as smooth as normal.  So here are a couple of easy tips on how to fix it.


Why does the texture change?

Our natural deodorants are created with minimal ingredients, meaning each and every ingredient has a use and purpose.  We use organic butters, waxes, botanical oils and plant powders.  These all work together to keep you smelling fresh, keeping odour away while absorbing sweat to keep you feeling dry.  Using these concentrated ingredients is why you only need a small amount daily and why a jar will last you for months.  By not including any cheap or harmful fillers or synthetic stabilisers we get a natural product that moisturises skin and controls odour causing bacteria.

Two of our hero ingredients we use in our natural deodorant are skin loving Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.   These ingredients contain antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in Vitamin E.  Both, however can easily be affected by a change in temperature.  Coconut oil will melt at around 24 degrees and Shea butter will soften when warm and melt at around 40 degrees.

This means, when your deodorant is travelling from chilly spring days in Melbourne to sunny and warm Queensland or WA, it experiences differing temperatures.  It can be the air conditioned post office to the wide open warehouse where it is sorted.  Then off into the delivery van or truck which can be in the sun all day, to then finally arriving on your doorstep and into your bathroom cabinet.  These varying environments can contribute to a fluctuation in temperature and a change in consistency.


The Good News

It doesn’t change the effectiveness of the product but depending on how the deodorant hardens or resets when the temperature cools down, may and can create a bumpy or grainy texture.


Fixing it

  • It’s an easy fix and you just need a small saucepan, some water and your jar of deodorant
  • Get a small saucepan with around 2-3cm of water.  Place it on the stove top on LOW heat.
  • Remove the lid from deodorant and place the jar of deodorant in the saucepan, being extremely careful to not get any water into the deodorant.
  • Gently heat (we want the water simmering not bubbling or boiling) for 5-6 minutes or until the mixture softens and melts.
  • Stir the deodorant in the jar until mixture is smooth and runny.
  • Remove the deodorant from saucepan (use gloves as it will be hot)

Place in the fridge for 30-40 minutes until set and smooth.

Once the deodorant has firmed up in the fridge, remove and re-lid and it’ll be ready to use.

I’ve also included a couple of points which may help with application of your deodorant year round but especially in the cooler weather.

  • Moisturise – applying a little body oil to moisturise your armpits can help with the application of the deodorant
  • Scoop – while I personally love using the back of my fingernail to get the deodorant out of the jar, I understand it’s not for everyone.  So try a paddle pop stick or spoon or similar tool to scoop out the amount you want to use.
  • Warm it up – working the deodorant between your index fingers before applying will soften the mixture for a smoother and easier application.


As always apply gently to skin – taking time to warm up the product and allowing the mixture to melt into armpits while you spread it.

These tips will only add a couple more seconds into your morning or night routine and can help with ease of application.

If you have any questions or have a tip or trick when it comes to your deodorant and how you use it, we’d love to know.  Email us

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