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I wanted to share a few of the essentials that I’ve been using non stop throughout this Sydney summer.  These products are going to set you up for great skin year round but especially as the warm weather continues into Autumn.

First up the Hydration Face Serum.

The response has been fabulous so far and I’m obsessed.  I actually made myself a bigger bottle because I use it so much and absolutely LOVE it!  It’s such a great texture, not sticky, or greasy, absorbs beautifully without any residue and is suitable for even those with sensitive skin.  The perfect serum under your face oil or moisturiser to help hydrate and feed the skin.  

Hyaluronic acid with native Australian extracts such as Kangaroo Paw and Native Snowflower help to hydrate, promote elasticity and collagen production. Niacinamide is a hero ingredient when it comes to brightening and fighting pigmentation. 

Raspberry fights UV damage and is packed with antioxidants while Cucumber extract cools and calms inflamed skin.

How I’m using it –

Of course as a face serum but being summer our skin inevitably sees a lot of sun no matter how much care and sunscreen we apply.   I’ve been using this serum as an after sun gel.  It soaks in quickly calms and soothes any redness.  I layer some body oil on top and waa-lah, next day my skin feels like new.

It’s also been amazing for a dry and flaky scalp or any extremely dry skin.  A couple of pumps, rub it in, allow to absorb and then pop some oil over the top to really lock in that moisture.

Body Oil –

I’m lathering myself in body oils after all that swimming in either salty beaches or chlorine pools. 
I’m really loving the zesty yet sweet may chang & rose geranium body oil.  A really lovely scent – make sure you apply the oil to slightly damp skin to lock in that lovely moisture.

TIP – If you want to pack light for a weekend away, our Jojoba Oil doubles up as both a face and body oil.

Sunscreen –
Of course a summer and year round essential!
A great way to apply it, is to rub a teaspoon amount into both hands and apply to the skin.

This helps warm up the natural oils and reduce the white look that a zinc sunscreen can create.  If you’re wearing make-up, apply foundation or mineral powder over the top.

And lucky last, the crucial step in any skincare routine –

To ensure we are removing the day and whatever our skin has seen, sunscreen, moisturisers, make-up, sweat, pollution, etc.  Our Facial Cleansing Oil is hard working and great at removing the thicker top layer – this is make up and sunscreen etc. 

The Gentle Foaming Cleanser is next and works well as a second cleanse.  It helps to gently but surely clean out pores and get anything the oil missed.

Finally the Facial Exfoliant Scrub & Mask can be used as an exfoliant 2-3 times a week or once a week as a fine clay mask for a deeper clean, perfect as reducing blackheads, clean out pores and leave skin silky soft, ensuring all your products can absorb and do their job.

These products keep your skin looking great year round and will help thrive with all that Summer throws at it.

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