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There is a relatively easy solution to keep up the hydration for plump and glowing skin – layering and consistency.  

This could mean incorporating a richer or thicker cleanser or face oil into your routine.  And layer!  Cleanse, spritz, serum, spritz, oil, spritz – layer layer layer.

Layering your skincare products
Layering is the easiest way of getting more bang for your buck.  Meaning you’ll use a little less product with better absorption and in turn see the benefits.  And what is an easy summer routine may just need a simple extra step or two to ensure your winter routine is foolproof.


  1. Cleansing
    Creating a blank canvas for clear healthy skin starts at cleansing.  In the cooler weather it’s a great idea to use a slightly heavier cleanser like our oil cleanser – it’s the perfect way to dissolve and melt away dirt and makeup while keeping skin with extra moisture and nourished.
  2. Apply products to damp skin
    Number one rule for moisturising and hydration.  Damp skin, not soaking.
    This can mean that if you’re out of the shower, lightly patting the excess water from your face, before you start to apply your products.  And if you’re cleansing without showering, then there will probably be no need to pat dry, spritz and start applying to damp skin, allowing each product to absorb before applying the next.
  3. Mists and spritz
    Crucial for all skin, this is a layer of moisture with added glycerin to balance and hydrate skin which also allows your products to penetrate deeper. 
    For example – ever tried to wipe something up using a dry sponge – it normally creates more of a mess without absorbing much.   Using a damp sponge is more flexible, picks up the spill more easily and absorbs more. 
    Using floral waters, mists and spritzing throughout your routine and in between applying all products will keep skin super hydrated and mean minimal product used for maximum glow.
  4. Serums
    After spritzing, comes even more of a hydrated and targeted boost.   Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s best friend.  It binds to water to help plump cells and keep skin supple.  This is a must if you have dry or dehydrated skin.
  5. Layer and spritz again
  6. Oils/Moisturisers
    Oils are the final step, like a big blanket for your skin especially in the cooler months.  They help to lock in all that hydration and moisture we’ve been layering.  This is where you might find a richer blend like our Rosehip & Hemp Seed Face Oil does a better job at keeping skin moisturised throughout the day.  Alternatively using Olive Squalane or Jojoba oil in the morning and the Rosehip & Hemp Face Oil at night.
    Lock it all in with a final spritz.
    TIP – Our Body Balm can actually be used as a night time moisturier in cooler weather over your oils.  Just remember a little goes a long way.

Regularly exfoliate your face and body.  
At times this can be a step that can quickly get forgotten but regular exfoliation keeps you feeling and looking your best.  Products will absorb better and keep skin hydrated and supple.

Night time routine
Another tip to try as the days cool down is – change the TIME of your routine.

Slathering your skin with your nightly routine right before bed can create you to waste some of your product. It doesn’t give your skin time to absorb what it needs before your head hits the pillow.
By changing your routine to when you get home from work or after dinner, instead of right before bed, enables your skin to get the adequate hydration and nourishment it needs.
Proceed with your regular regime when you get home then let it sit and absorb.  Check your skin every hour and if it feels like it’s absorbed and needs more, then reapply a light layer of hydrating and moisturising products – spritz, serum, spritz, oil, spritz.

This will definitely help with replenishing moisture over the few hours.

Skip your morning cleanse
This may be a little controversial but over cleansing can cause a little dryness and actually strip the skin of moisture.  So skipping a full cleanse in the morning may help the skin retain extra hydration and moisture.

Instead try spritzing your face with our Rose and Geranium Face Mist to refresh and wake skin up, then wipe over with a warm face cloth.  Follow up with your morning skincare routine.   (Some mornings your skin just needs a good clean.  You know your skin and what works for you – sometimes trying something different or incorporating something new will do you and your skin a world of wonder).

If you have any great winter skincare tips, please share them below.

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