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Years ago when I first switched to organic and natural products, fragrances were one of the first products Matt and I tossed.  Full of synthetic ingredients, mostly which are unknown and untested, fragrances contain a lot of harmful toxic ingredients (which we discussed in our previous blog here).

Since then, I’ve tried a few natural alternatives but inevitably started making my own which Matt and I have been using and wearing for about 3-4 years.  After many compliments I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of our own Natural Essential oil Perfumes!

Taking inspiration from our most popular scented products, here are our three organic unisex perfumes.

Introducing our three Natural Perfume scents – 

Citrus Floral – warm floral and citrus notes, with a base of slightly sweet woody undertones.  A blend of citrus, geranium, lavender and patchouli.  Scent of Babs Body Oil.

Herbaceous Floral – fresh, green, herbal with a slightly sweet floral scent and a hint of spice. A blend of geranium and lavender with herbaceous clary sage & tea tree.  Scent of our best selling Geranium & Clary Sage Deodorant.

Spiced Green Citrus blend of green citrus, including bergamot, petitgrain, fresh herb, woody and earthy notes of rosemary and patchouli with ginger giving a hint of spice and warmth. Scent of Babs Beard Oil.
Popular among men and women alike but typically linked to more of a masculine scent.

Our organic perfumes are a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients.  They do not contain alcohol and as such are a lot more delicate and subtle than synthetic fragrances on the market.  We decided to not use alcohol as a lot of people with sensitivities to commercial fragrances still have sensitivities to natural perfumes containing alcohol which can be drying and in some cases even cause irritation.

Babs Bodycare natural essential oil perfumes are designed to be used by both men and women and paired with a product in our range to enhance the scent of both products all the while having a positive effect on our mood and spirit.

Including the ritual of spritzing a beautiful scented perfume daily now without the harmful toxic ingredients.

Application – Spritz directly onto skin, over your body, neck, pulse points, decolletage.  It can also be applied to hair and clothes to help layer and enable the scent to last longer.

Due to the nature of essential oils and natural ingredients used, our perfumes will last a few hours and can be reapplied throughout the day.

Our organic perfumes come in 50ml glass bottles.  Making them perfect to take travelling or take with you on the go.

Each scent will smell different on everyone.   You can find our new perfumes here or shop our sample pack to test out all three scents to see which is your favourite.


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