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Introducing our natural soap bars.

Our handmade cold pressed soap bars are packed with skin loving ingredients including nourishing shea and cacao butter, conditioning olive, macadamia and castor oil with coconut oil for cleansing.

These slightly lumpy bumpy bars have a silky feel and lather beautifully with tight, dense velvety bubbles that gently cleanse without drying or stripping the skin.

Organic mineral rich clays and charcoal help to detoxify, soothe, restore and balance skin along with quality essential oils that cleanse and uplift with a subtle scent.

All bars are handmade in small batches with organic ingredients which ensures our soaps contain high amounts of glycerine which attracts and holds moisture.

Olive Oil – rich in antioxidants, super conditioning, gentle
Coconut Oil – cleansing, creates bubbles
Shea Butter – conditioning, moisturising, reduce inflammation, repair, gives bar a stable lather
Cacao Butter – high in essential fatty acids, super nourishing, rich velvety feel & lather
Castor Oil – conditioning, protective, creamy lather
Macadamia Nut Oil – conditioning, hypoallergenic, antioxidants
Clays & Charcoal – deeply cleansing, regenerating, balancing, softening, strengthening


This makes for a wonderfully silky moisturising and nourishing bar suitable for use on body and face.  Our natural bars of soap will keep skin cleansed, nourished and soft.


Three scents to choose from.

Rose Geranium & May Chang with Pink Clay

gentle pure essential oil soaps

Subtle Citrus with Yellow Clay

Natural handmade soaps melbourne

Spearmint & Charcoal with Kaolin Clay

waste free natural hand made soaps charcoal


These bars are completely free from Palm oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colourants, SLS & SLES.    They are completely biodegradable, plastic and waste free.  Hand made from natural ingredients, our soaps are also vegan and cruelty free.

Our soaps are naked bars that come stamped without a label or box.

gentle organic soap bars Australian made


Available now singularly or in three packs.

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