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Gua Sha is a fantastic tool to incorporate a little more TLC and self care with visible results.

What is it?

Gua Sha is an ancient beauty tool used in health and beauty (particularly Chinese Medicine) to clear stagnant energy or ‘chi’.  This is a form of massage which helps to drain and clear the lymphatic system.  Gua sha is to rub or scrape.

The tool is applied against the skin with light pressure in an upwards motion. Using a Gua Sha works to increase circulation & collagen production and can be quite a relaxing ritual. With regular use you may see a healthier & brighter complexion as well as an improvement in skin that is plumper, firmer with a more even skin tone.

How to Gua Sha?

Start by applying oil onto the skin.  Apply a bit more than you would when moisturising, as your skin will need ‘slip’ for the gua sha to glide over the skin.  We don’t want the skin to be dragged or pulled, especially around sensitive or gentle areas, like the eye.  So apply oil onto your décolletage, neck and face.

Take your gua sha and hold it on roughly, a 45 degree angle against your skin.  Using very light pressure slide the gua sha in an upwards and outwards motion/movement. Up along the jaw line, cheek bones, forehand out to the hairline.  This goes against gravity to lift the face and improve circulation, to then sweep down along the hairline and outside of the neck to help drain fluid.


We want to start on our décolletage and move the gua sha from the middle of our chest out to above our armpits (in that little soft spot/pressure point) – where our lymph nodes sit.
Working your way up to just below our collar bone, repeating 3-4 times on one side, then the other.

Moving onto the neck – again with light pressure, work the gua sha up along the front sides (not the middle) of the neck to just under the jaw.  Then changing to the heart shaped side, working from the middle of the chin, gently sweep out along the jaw line to below the ear lobe and then down the outside of the neck.

Continue this action from the middle of the face/lips to along the cheeks to the hair line.   Repeating each stroke 3-4 times before moving up to the next section.

When you reach the high cheek bone/lower eye area, make your gua sha flat (and ensure you have enough oil still on your skin).  Being extremely gentle, use the gua sha in a flattening/ironing motion along any fine lines.  Working the gua sha up and out to the temple/hair line.

Back to a 45 degree angle, use your gua sha to follow your eyebrow shape outwards, then moving to the forehead, start at the eyebrows and work the gua sha up across the forehand and into your hairline.

For any tough lines – on the forehead and around the mouth, the gua sha can be used like a rubber/eraser to help soften any deep grooves (this will require consistency and regular gua sha).

With regular use gua sha can provide the following benefits:

  • Increasing blood flow & circulation
  • Improved elasticity & collagen production
  • Plumper & firmer skin
  • Brighter complexion & even skin tone
  • Improves lymphatic drainage & detoxification
  • Relieves tension & remove blockages

There are a lot of videos available online (youtube etc.) which will show you a few different techniques, you can trial a few and see what works for you.  But always remembering to move your gua sha, upwards, outwards and then downwards to help with lymphatic drainage.

To purchase your gua sha or find out more head here.


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