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Our organic perfumes make a beautiful gift.  Using a blend of organic and pure essential oils and natural ingredients to uplift and give a gorgeous scent.  They do not contain alcohol and as such are a lot more delicate and subtle than synthetic fragrances on the market.

Three scents to choose from-

Citrus Floral – warm floral and citrus notes, with a base of slightly sweet woody undertones.  A blend of citrus, geranium, lavender and patchouli.  (Our best seller).

Herbaceous Floral – fresh, green, herbal with a slightly sweet floral scent and a hint of spice. A blend of geranium and lavender with herbaceous clary sage & tea tree.

Spiced Green Citrus – blend of green citrus, including bergamot, petitgrain, fresh herb, woody and earthy notes of rosemary and patchouli with ginger giving a hint of spice and warmth.

Spoil yourself or a loved one with a non toxic, natural perfume.



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