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We know switching from your favourite fragrance to a natural perfume can take a little getting used to.  Natural perfumes aren’t as strong nor do they last as long as the synthetic fragrances do.  But rightly so.  Natural ingredients  means they are better for our health and the environment.

We do know that once you do switch to organic perfumes your body, hormones and people around you will be thankful.  So whether you’re looking to switch or just want to get the most out of your natural perfumes here are a few ideas.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Apply to moisturised skin.
    Dry skin can absorb and dissipate the oils faster so applying your perfume to moisturised skin will enable the scent to stick around for longer.
  2. Spritz directly onto skin.
    Pulse points, neck, decolletage, hair line etc. the heat from your skin will warm up the oils and release the scent.
  3. Spritz onto hair and clothes.
    This will help layer the scent and make your perfume last longer.
  4. Don’t rub.
    Once sprayed onto skin allow the perfume to dry.
  5. Pair with complimentary products.
    Our three scents are inspired by existing products in our range which means you can now layer and wear your favourite product and have it as a natural fragrance as well.
  6. Take it with you. 
    Our 50ml bottle is slimline and easy to take with you whether you’re travelling, heading out after work or want to refresh after the gym. Being an alcohol free product it is also safe to take with you when flying etc. Reapply after 3-4 hours to keep the scent alive.


A few of our lovely customers who’ve already tried our perfumes have thoroughly enjoyed them. Even those who normally react to synthetic fragrances but also natural alcohol based perfumes.


Shop natural essential oil perfumes.

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