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Reusing your empty skincare glass bottles.


I often get asked about ways to recycle and reuse your empty Babs skincare bottles.  So I’ve been coming up with a few ideas (more on this to come) but wanted to share this fabulous idea by our amazing customer Tamsin.

Tamsin sent me a message and these beautiful photos of her 100ml bottles that she has turned into natural, non toxic diffusers.  Perfect around the house, in the kitchen, bathroom or home office, they look stylish and give a lovely subtle natural scent.

The great thing about this recipe is that you will have most of these ingredients on hand in your pantry or cupboard and can easily be purchased at the supermarket or chemist.  

I’ve tested Tamsin’s recipe out with what I had on hand and it worked a treat.  I used what I had in my bathroom and kitchen. That was a

  • paddle pop stick (although not really long enough)
  • glass bottle and
  • ingredients below


Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe
Witch hazel or vodka 1/3
Water 2/3
Essential oils 20-30 drops
Twigs, bamboo skewers, or rattan reeds*


I started off with 10ml witch hazel and 20ml water and 30 drops of essential oils and added in 2-4ml of vodka.  But have a play around – adding more essential oils (30-40 drops) the stronger the scent will become. Incorporating alcohol into the mixture will help disperse the essential oils more evenly.
Keep in mind that without a proper solubiliser (or a lot more alcohol), the oils and water won’t bind completely, so a gentle swirl every now and again will help give a burst of scent.  

You could even try adding in a sprig of lavender, rosemary or citrus rind to compliment the essential oils you use. 



Have you tried making your own essential oil diffusers?  Have a different recipe? We’d love to know.

Have any other ideas on upcycling and reusing your empty glass bottles and jars then please leave a message in the comments below and let us know how you reuse yours.


*Rattan reeds are commonly used in diffusers and are available online at candle supply shops for around $4-$6 per 100

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