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Plus 5 tips to get the most out of your Face Mist this Summer!

The main purpose of our Face Mist is to be used as a toner. I wanted to share a few great tips on how to use this skin glowing multi-tasking product.

What Does a Toner Do & How Does It Work?

Toners are a product applied to the skin after cleansing, before moisturising. Originally designed to remove what was left of your cleanser, dirt and make up etc. and restore and balance the skins natural sebum and pH. These days we double cleanse to ensure we remove our make up, sunscreen and dirt etc. so while toners still help to remove any left over product their function now is to give skin extra hydration, to soften and plump skin and prepare the surface for more effective penetration of your moisturiser.

Most toners will be astringent, this is what gives them there cooling effect. It also helps tighten pores, which keeps skin cleaner. Toners can range from gentle to harsh – some of the harsh toners contain alcohol, I would stay away from these even if you have oily skin as they can be quite drying and actually cause irritation.

Our Face Mist is a beautiful toner made up of two beautiful floral waters. Floral water is a by-product of the distilling process in order to attain essential oils from the plant.   The water still holds the same properties of the plant just in a milder and gentler form.

Our Babs Bodycare Face Mist is a gentle multi-tasking toner and is suitable for all skin types. Here’s why –
It contains three ingredients
Rose and Geranium Floral water and Vegetable Glycerin

ROSE is suited to all skin types, but especially great for dry, sensitive, mature skin. It is extremely rehydrating, restorative, soothes and reduces redness and inflammation. It also holds antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic qualities which benefits blemish prone skin.

GERANIUM is beautifully light and floral, it uplifts, relieves stress and balances. Known to soothe burns and sores, it improves blood circulation and helps balance oil production, whether you produce too little or too much.

VEGETABLE GLYCERINE this is a humectant which attracts, binds and holds water on the outer layer of the skin – this keeps skin hydrated, plump, soft and supple giving skin a healthy glow.

Applying your toner

  • After you have cleansed the skin, spritz face mist onto face and neck (you can otherwise spritz onto a damp clean facial cloth or flannel and gently wipe over skin, I personally prefer to spritz).
  • Allow to absorb slightly and apply moisturiser/serum/face oil to skin while still damp.
  • Spritz over the top of your moisturiser to lock in hydration and nutrients. (I also spritz again after I have applied make up to help set it and give my skin a glow)

5 Ways to Use Your Face Mist this Summer

  1. Keep you cool – whether you’re at home, at the beach or at the gym – an all over spritz will help cool and refresh you while hydrating skin.
  2. Chill your Face Mist – Pop it in the fridge or in the esky for an extra refreshing and cooling spritz.
  3. After Sun Spritz – This works on sunburn too.  Rose and Geranium helps to reduce inflammation and redness.  Spray liberally and regularly on affected skin.
  4. In Air Con – Air Conditioning can be very drying so keep a bottle on hand to refresh and rehydrate skin – this also makes a perfect travel companion on flights or road tripping.
  5. Mix it – our Face Mist is the perfect liquid to mix with your face mask and even your Face Oil. Two squirts into the palm of your hand with a few drops of Face Oil makes it a little lighter blend, perfect for summer.  You can even add a good splash into your bath for extra indulgence.


How do you use your Face Mist?  Got any tips or tricks?  We’d love to hear how you use yours, email us or shoot a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Stay cool.

Andrea x




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