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Our body and perspiration
Our bodies sweat to help regulate our body temperature, release toxins and keep our skin healthy. We have two types of sweat glands: The eccrine gland which secretes continually and is found all over our body and the apocrine gland which are larger and secrete in periodic spurts. The Apocrine glands are found mainly in the underarm and groin region.

Why we smell?
The sweat released through the apocrine gland is broken down by bacteria.  It is the odour the bacteria expel that we know as body odour.

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant
Deodorant is used to neutralise odours while allowing our body to sweat. Antiperspirants work by clogging and blocking our pores and sweat ducts which prevents us from perspiring and releasing toxins.

Toxic ingredients used in deodorant and antiperspirants:
Aluminium – (Aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium zirconium, tetrachlorohydrex gly or any aluminium compounds): A metal that blocks sweat from escaping the pores. This has been classified as a neurotoxin and accumulates in the body.
It has been linked to breast cancer and an increase in Alzheimer disease.

Triclosan – Utilised for its anti-bacteria properties, it is a skin irritant and may contain carcinogenic contaminants. It is stored in body fat and is classified as a pesticide by the FDA.

Parabens – These synthetically produced preservatives are cheap and used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Parabens can cause skin irritations such as dermatitis and rosacea and increase the speed in which skin ages. While it has not been proven, many believe that parabens are connected with breast cancer as well as hormone and reproductive health issues in both men and women.

Propylene glycol – This petroleum-based material has been connected with provoking skin irritations and eczema.

Phthalate – Helps dissolve ingredients to create a better consistency. They have been connected with male and female fertility issues and worsening symptoms for those who suffer with allergies and asthma.

Fragrance – This is a cluster ingredient which can contain any number of synthetic chemicals to produce a scent or smell, without needing to be listed individually. These chemicals are toxic. Fragrance can be found in almost all conventional products even toothpaste! It causes allergies, asthma and headaches and has been linked to endocrine disruption.

Do you know what’s in your deodorant?

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